Darwin Core Archive Publishing

The following downloads are occurrence data packages from collections that have chosen to publish their complete dataset as a Darwin Core Archive (DwC-A) file. DwC-A files are a single compressed ZIP file that contains one to several data files along with a meta.xml document that describes the content. Archives published through this portal contain three comma separated (CSV) files containing occurrences, identifications (determinations), and image metadata. Fields within the occurrences.csv file are defined by the Darwin Core exchange standard. The identification and image files follow the DwC extensions for those data types.

Data Usage Policy:

Use of these datasets requires agreement with the terms and conditions in our Data Usage Policy. Locality details for rare, threatened, or sensitive records have been redacted from these data files. One must contact the collections directly to obtain access to sensitive locality data.
CodeCollection NameDarwin Core Archive (DwC-A)MetadataPub Date
ASU-ASUCOB Arizona State University Charles W. O'Brien Collection DwC-A (2.2M ) EML 2021-12-22
ASU-ASUHIC Arizona State University Hasbrouck Insect Collection DwC-A (12.7M ) EML 2021-11-03
ASU-ASULOB Arizona State University Lois B. O'Brien Collection DwC-A (0.1M ) EML 2021-04-28
BUPBASE-BUPBASE Buprestidae Specimen Database (BupBase) DwC-A (0.1M ) EML 2020-11-04
UCRG-UCRG Colección Entomológica de la Carrera de Agronomía de la UCR Sede Guanacaste DwC-A (0.1M ) EML 2020-11-04
UNACHI-MUPADI Colección Entomológica del Museo de Peces de Agua Dulce e Invertebrados de la Universidad Autónoma de Chiriquí DwC-A (0.1M ) EML 2020-11-04
SCAN-ARTSYS Collection of Externally Processed Specimens (Arthropod Systematics Research) DwC-A (0.7M ) EML 2020-11-04
ERWC-ERWC Ethan Richard Wright Collection DwC-A (0.1M ) EML 2022-01-12
EWIC-EWIC Evan Waite Invertebrate Collection DwC-A (0.1M ) EML 2021-12-06
HNU-HNUSEL Hannam University Systematic Entomology Laboratory DwC-A (0.1M ) EML 2021-02-24
LFN-LFN Louis F. Nastasi Insect Collection DwC-A (0.2M ) EML 2020-11-04
MAJC-MAJC M. Andrew Johnston Research Collection DwC-A (0.8M ) EML 2022-01-03
NAU-AGFR Northern Arizona University - Agua Fria National Monument Collection DwC-A (0.1M ) EML 2021-02-08
OKRC-OKRC Oliver Keller Research Collection DwC-A (0.1M ) EML 2020-11-04
ASU-ROLS Rick Overson and Laura Steger Invertebrate Observations DwC-A (0.1M ) EML 2021-12-09
SSAC-SSAC Salvatore S. Anzaldo Collection DwC-A (0.3M ) EML 2020-11-04
SOAC-SOAC Samanta Orellana A. Collection DwC-A (0.1M ) EML 2021-11-15
SLRC-SLRC Sangmi Lee Research Collection DwC-A (0.1M ) EML 2021-03-22
SBMNH-SBMNHENT Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History Entomology Collection DwC-A (12.2M ) EML 2021-10-22
TJHC-THJC Tyler J. Hedlund Collection DwC-A (0.1M ) EML 2020-11-04
UTC-UTCI University of Tennessee at Chattanooga DwC-A (3.6M ) EML 2020-11-04