Hawaii's Ferns and Fern Allies

Project Managers: Daniel D. Palmer and Tom Ranker
The Hawaii's Ferns and Fern Allies publication is being digitally reproduced to create a online fern flora through a gift by Dan Palmer. Palmer's publication was the first comprehensive survey of Hawaii's ferns to be published (2003) in more than 100 years. The book covers endemic, indigenous, and naturalized ferns and fern allies (including rare and endangered taxa), providing dichotomous keys, basionyms and synonyms, technical descriptions and distributions, a glossary, and statistical information. The author addresses unresolved taxonomic problems and offers suggestions for future research. He includes information from Hawaiian folklore and mythology, describes uses of ferns by native Hawaiians, and updates Hawaiian common names. More than 100 line drawings illustrate all 222 species, varieties, and forms, and some hybrids. The volume is based on extensive fieldwork, studies of herbarium collections worldwide, and consultations with pteridologists, local ecologists, and collectors. It provides the much-needed scientific basis for a new, worldwide appreciation of Hawaiian ferns and fern allies and for major efforts to protect and conserve them. This well-researched and highly readable book will be enthusiastically received by amateur and professional naturalists, fern enthusiasts, and professional botanists.

About the Author
Daniel D. Palmer, a retired dermatologist, has written several publications on Hawaiian ferns including reviews of the genera Sadleria and Cibotium and is the author or co-author of papers on other Hawaiian ferns. He has visited herbaria worldwide to examine collections of Hawaiian ferns and has assembled an extensive personal collection of specimens and reference works. He now divides his time between Hawai'i and Michigan, where he operates a tree farm.

Acknowledgements: Mahalo to Jacob Suissa, Raphael Hausenfluck-Poli, and Gianna Chesrow for assisting with data entry.
Reference: Palmer, Daniel D. 2003. Hawaii's Ferns and Fern Allies. University of Hawaii Press, Honolulu, HI. p. 324
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