Flora of Samoa

Project Managers: Art Whistler and Tom A. Ranker
The flora of Samoa (the archipelago) comprises about 550 native species of flowering plants (Whistler, pers. research). These species fall into 95 plant families and about 300 genera. Although Samoa has the second largest native flora in tropical Polynesia (behind Hawai�i), its flora is only about one third as large as that of Fiji located about 1100 km (685 mi) to the west. The largest family of flowering plants in Samoa is the orchid family Orchidaceae, with approximately 100 species. Approximately 30% of the flowering plants of Samoa are endemic to the archipelago. Only two genera, Sarcopygme (Rubiaceae) and Solfia (Arecaceae), are endemic to the archipelago. The state of knowledge of the flora of Samoa has lagged behind that of much of the rest of Polynesia. Samoa is the largest archipelago in Polynesia that does not have a published flora. Hawai�i has a recent flora (Wagner et al. 1990), and Fiji has a recent and large, comprehensive one (Smith 1979�1996). Tonga had a flora published by Yuncker in 1959, and Niue has had two (Sykes 1979; Yuncker 1943). A flora of Samoa is long overdue but hopefully this problem will be rectified in the near future.
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