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  Amith Sample Data (UNAM) more info
  Australasian Virtual Herbarium (AVH) more info
  Belau National Herbarium (BNM) more info
  Bhutan specimen records (NBC) more info
  Daniel D. Palmer Pteridophytes Collection (HAW) more info
  Ethnobotany of the Alor Archipelago, Indonesia (ALO) more info
  Fungi of Hawaii (Myco Portal) (MyCo) more info
  Haleakalā National Park (HALE) more info
  Harvard University Herbaria (HUH) more info
  Hawaii Volcanoes National Park (HAVO) more info
  Hawaiian Plant DNA Library (HAW) more info
  Herbarium of the IRD Noumea, New Caledonia (NOU) more info
  Herbarium Pacificum (Bishop Museum) (BISH) more info
  Joseph F. Rock Herbarium (Univ. of Hawaii) (HAW) more info
  Kalaupapa National Historic Park (KALA) more info
  Lyon Arboretum - Hawaiian Rare Plant Program (HAW) more info
  Mesophotic Algae of Hawaii (HAW) more info
  Musée de Tahiti et des Îles (French Polynesia) (PAP) more info
  National Park of American Samoa (NPAS) more info
  National Tropical Botanical Garden (PTBG) more info
  National University of Samoa (NUS) more info
  New Zealand Virtual Herbarium (NZVH) more info
  NYBG, C.V. Starr Virtual Herbarium (NYBG) more info
  O`ahu Army Natural Resource Program (OANRP) more info
  Palau International Coral Reef Center (PICRC) more info
  Papua New Guinea Forest Research Institute (LAE) more info
  Pohakuloa Training Area Herbarium (PTA) more info
  Solomon Islands National Herbarium (BSIP) more info
  Tonga National Herbarium (TON) more info
  United States National Herbarium (US) more info
  University of Guam Herbarium (GUAM) more info
  University of Papua New Guinea (UPNG) more info
  University of South Pacific (Fiji) (SUVA) more info
  Vanuatu National Herbarium (PVNH) more info
  Varietal Diversity of Kava (Piper methysticum) from Vanuatu. (HAW) more info
  Waimea Valley Botanical Garden (WAI) more info
  War in the Pacific National Park (WAPA) more info
  Windward Community College (UH) more info

  D.T. Fleming Arboretum (DTFA) more info
  deleted (HAW) more info
  Hawaiian Vascular Plants, UH Manoa (HAW) more info
  Hilo Union School campus landscape (HUS) more info
  Joseph F. Rock Herbarium (HAW) more info
  Kalaupapa National Historical Park Landscape (Arboretum) (KALA) more info
  Malacology Collection (BISH) more info
  Mānoa Heritage Center (MHC) more info
  Maui Nui Botanical Garden (MNBG) more info
  Systematics of Vascular Plants, UH Manoa (HAW) more info
  UH Manoa Campus Plants (UHM) more info
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Page 1, records 1-100 of 2252