Dataset: NYBG-Pacific
Taxa: Seligeriaceae
Search Criteria: excluding cultivated/captive occurrences

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NYBG, C.V. Starr Virtual Herbarium

Blindia contecta (Hook.f. & Wilson) Müll.Hal.
01251214D. H. Vitt   24961970-01-08
New Zealand, Campbell Island, West-facing slope of Azimuth-Faye ridge

Blindia immersa (E.B.Bartram & Dixon) Sainsbury
267962S. Berggren   2261874-03-00
New Zealand, Insula australis: Teremakau

1523746W. M. Malcolm   365652010-12-02
New Zealand, South Island, Nelson-Marlborough Land Distr., N of Westport along hwy. 67 to Waimangaroa then east up to Denniston Plateau toward Mt. Rockfort. South Island, Denniston Scenic Reserve, Denniston Plateau., -41.76542 171.78617, 640m

968195W. Martin   851944-01-16
New Zealand, in Avalanche Creek, Arthur Pass, Canterbury, South Island

968191B. E. G. Molesworth   3471946-04-20
New Zealand, North Egmont Track, Mt. Egmont, Taranaki, North Island, 1219 - 1524m

267838D. H. Vitt   24361969-12-31
New Zealand, Campbell Island. On north-northwest slope of Mt. Honey near summit, 518 - 549m

Page 1, records 1-6 of 6

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