Dataset: NYBG-Pacific
Taxa: Hernandiaceae
Search Criteria: excluding cultivated/captive occurrences

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NYBG, C.V. Starr Virtual Herbarium

205437M. J. Balick   45262007-08-09
Palau, Koror, Rock Islands, Ngeruktabel, Ngeremdiu Beach., 7.2565 134.443367

Hernandia nymphaeifolia (C.Presl) Kubitzki
03599232G. M. Plunkett   32162015-12-09
Vanuatu, Tafea, Aneityum Island, Anelgauhat Village., -20.23725 169.78289, 6 - 6m

190748C. R. Annable   35251997-00-00
United States, Hawaii, Honolulu, Ho'omaluhia Botanical Garden, 45-680 Luluku Rd, Kahua Kuou area, 21.385 -157.807

356027J. A. Moerenhout   s.n.
French Polynesia, Tahiti

02858983G. M. Plunkett   29092015-06-25
Vanuatu, Tafea, Tanna Island, Southwest Tanna, along trail from Yenhup to Mount Tukosmera, near Issasia Village., -19.58703 169.3595, 468 - 468m

03487239M. J. Balick   49032016-04-18
Vanuatu, Tafea, Aneityum Island, Forest at Anuentohow, -20.22217 169.79797, 46 - 46m

Page 1, records 1-6 of 6

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