Dataset: HAW-
Taxa: Ephedra
Search Criteria: excluding cultivated/captive occurrences

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Joseph F. Rock Herbarium (Univ. of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa)

HAW04746Lani Stemmermann   357B1973-04-28
United States, Utah, Washington, Springdale City Dump- Canon NW of town

Ephedra nevadensis Wats
HAW04741Lani Stemmerman   3561973-04-28
United States, Utah, Washington, Springdale City Dump in Canyon NW of town, Rocky Mountain System

Ephedra nevadensis Wats.
HAW04742A. A. Webb   2761959-04-25
United States, California, San Bernardino, Desert Front Fire Road Ca. 2 mi. East of Wrightwood, 1554m

Ephedra torreyana wats
HAW04743Lani Stemmermann   349A1973-04-27
United States, Nevada, Clark, About 35 mi. E of Las Vegas on Interstate 15., 579m

ephedra viridis Coville
HAW04744W. McClatchey   WCM20032000-06-26
United States, Arizona, Camp Verde, Airport on upper messa slope above freeway

Ephedra viridis Cov.
HAW04745Lani Stemmermann   5051974-05-09
USA, California, San Bernardino, US 395, .8 miles N of California Canal., 1097m

Ephedra californica
HAW39923Lani Stemmermann   302
United States, Califonia, San Bernadino Co., Barstow

Page 1, records 1-7 of 7

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