Rare Plants of Samoa
Sensitive species checklist for: Samoa (archipelago)
Authors: W. A. Whistler
Citation: Whistler, W.A. 2010. The Rare Plants of Samoa. Conservation International Pacific Islands Program. 2010. Biodiversity Conservation Lessons Learned Technical Series 2: The Rare Plants of Samoa. Conservation International, Apia, Samoa.
Locality: Samoa (archipelago) (-13.925890, -171.694340)

From the list of 108 rare flowering plant species recognized for independent Samoa, 37 native species have been selected here for recommendation for consideration on the Red List produced by the IUCN. These are discussed in more detail below, arranged in the following categories:

(1) national endemics, represented by 28 species, and divided in the table into orchids and non-orchids;

(2) archipelago endemics, represented by a single species; and

(3) indigenous non-orchid species possibly threatened throughout their range, represented by eight species; Another 19 indigenous orchids are discussed separately. These orchids are rare (or rarely collected) in Samoa, but most of them have every wide ranges, some of them extending all the way to tropical Asia. Several alien species are also discussed separately. These species should also be considered for some kind of status, since these are either ancient Polynesian weeds possibly threatened over their entire range (two species), or traditional cultigens possibly threatened over their entire range (five species).

Nine species on the list of 108 rare plants in Samoa have not been included with the species recommended for the Red List of Samoan plants because, while they are rare in independent Samoa, they are not uncommon in American Samoa. Hence, they are rare on the national level, but not on the archipelago level. This includes the indigenous orchids (Orchidaceae) Calanthe hololeuca, Erythrodes purpurascens, Microstylis samoensis, Peristylus tradescantifolius, and Pseuderia ramosa; and four indigenous non-orchids Casearia samoensis (Flacourtiaceae), Hoya whistleri (Asclepiadaceae), Melicope vatiana (Rutaceae), and Pandanus reineckei (Pandanaceae).


Notes: Funded by Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund (CEPF) and Conservation International Pacific Islands Program (CI-Pacific)

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