Plants of Tonga
Authors: Truman G. Yuncker (1891-1964)
Citation: Yuncker. T.G. 1959. Bernice P. Bishop Museum Bulletin 220. Bernice P. Bishop Museum. Honolulu, HI. 283 p.
Locality: Kingdom of Tonga (-28.340490, -175.078130)

Systematic enumeration of known vascular plants, bryophytes and fungi, with very brief descriptions of all vascular species; includes essential synonomy, vernacular names, localities with citations of exisccatae and relevant earlier literature, general indication of external range, and notes on habitat and frequency as well as status (native, naturalized, etc.); indices to all taxa and to venracular names at end. The introduction includes a gneral description of theislands and their climate as wellas an account of previous botanical work. Illustrated with 17 black and white figures. An important and pioneering work by a distinguished American botanist.

Reference: David G. 2011. Guide to Standard Floras of the World: An Annotated, Geographically Arranged Systematic Bibliography of the Principal Floras, Enumerations, Checklists and Chorological Atlases of Different Areas. Second Edition

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