Flora of Kaho`olawe
Authors: Michael B. Thomas
Locality: Kanaloa

Plants of Kaho‘olawe: A Bi-lingual Digital Resource, Katie L. Kamelamela, Michael B. Thomas, and Tom Ranker

Native Hawaiian culture is heavily dependent upon biological resources, primarily plant resources. Much of the contemporary biological knowledge about Kaho‘olawe is available only in English and not presented in Hawaiian, an official language of the State of Hawai‘i. A new biological plant database and digital collection of plants of Kaho‘olawe was developed to increase general access to herbarium specimens and related digital plant photographs. Through utilizing historically published literature, the online Hawaii Ecosystem at Risk (HEAR) project, and consultation with the Kaho‘olawe Island Reserve Commission, 242 vascular plant species (61 families) were identified. Species names were updated utilizing the International Taxonomic Integrated System and HEAR digital photographs were connected to the database when available. In the Joseph F. Rock Herbarium an internal search for herbarium specimens was conducted producing 73% of the total plants of Kaho‘olawe list. Digital images were created of each representative specimen.

A database model was developed for dissemination of the plants of Kaho‘olawe online interface including presentation of taxonomic plant information, descriptions, digital photographs and images of herbarium specimens. The English web site interface terms were translated to complete the development of a Hawaiian language interface. Resulting from this project is a functional bi-lingual digital library, evaluation data, a standard methodology for compiling previously documented biological data and increased awareness and use of the library reference collection. This bi-lingual model supports institutions that prioritize empowering native speakers.


Data was migrated to the herbarium data portal in Spring of 2016.

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Families: 44
Genera: 132
Species: 179
Total Taxa (details): 180

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Abutilon incanum (Link) Sweet - Pringle's abutilon
Ageratum conyzoides L. - tropical whiteweed
Amaranthus viridis L. - slender amaranth
Anagallis arvensis L. - scarlet pimpernel
Argemone glauca var. glauca - smooth pricklypoppy
Asclepias curassavica L. - wild ipecacuanha
Boerhavia coccinea Mill. - scarlet spiderling
Carex meyenii Nees - Meyen's sedge
Casuarina equisetifolia L. - common ironwood
Catharanthus roseus (L.) G.Don - Madagascar periwinkle
Cenchrus echinatus L. - field sandbur
Cocos nucifera L. - Coconut Palm
Coffea arabica L. - Arabian coffee
Coronopus didymus (L.) Sm. - lesser swinecress
Desmodium sandwicense E.Mey. - Hawai'i ticktrefoil
Desmodium tortuosum (Sw.) DC. - Dixie tick trefoil
Desmodium triflorum (L.) DC. - threeflower ticktrefoil
Dodonaea viscosa Jacq. - hopseed bush
Emilia fosbergii Nicolson - Florida tasselflower
Euphorbia hirta L. - pillpod sandmat
Gamochaeta purpurea (L.) Cabrera - spoonleaf purple everlasting
Gouania hillebrandii Oliv. - hairyfruit chewstick
Ipomoea indica (Burm.) Merr. - blue morningglory
Lantana camara L. - nettleleaf shrubverbena
Lepidium oblongum Small - veiny pepperweed
Neraudia sericea Gaudich. - woodland ma'oloa
Nicotiana tabacum L. - cultivated tobacco
Oxalis corniculata L. - yellow wood sorrel
Portulaca villosa Cham. - hairy purslane
Salsola tragus L. - tumbling thistle
Santalum ellipticum Gaudich. - coastal sandalwood
Sesuvium portulacastrum (L.) L. - western seapurslane
Sida fallax Walp. - yellow `ilima
Sida rhombifolia L. - Cuban-jute
Sigesbeckia orientalis L. - common St. Paul's wort
Sisymbrium altissimum L. - tumbleweed mustard
Solanum americanum Mill. - smallflower nightshade
Sonchus oleraceus L. - sow thistle
Tribulus cistoides L. - puncture vine
Verbena litoralis Kunth - seashore vervain
Vitex rotundifolia L.f. - roundleaf chastetree
Zinnia peruviana (L.) L. - Peruvian zinnia