Authors: Michael B. Thomas, Nicole A. Hynson, Leo Louis, and Jeremy Hayward
Publication: Three New Species of Ectomycorrhizal Fungi Associating with Pisonia sandwicensis a Native Hawaiian Host Tree.
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Locality: Hawaiian Islands (20.632780, -157.763670)

An ectomycorrhiza (Gk. ἐκτός, ektos, "outside;" μυκός, mykós, "fungus;" ριζα, riza, "roots;" pl. ectomycorrhizas or ectomycorrhizae, abbreviated EcM) is a form of symbiotic relationship that occurs between a fungal symbiont and the roots of various plant species.

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Families: 3
Genera: 3
Species: 3 (species rank)
Total Taxa: 3 (including subsp. and var.)
Typification: OAHU, HAWAII, USA: Manuwai Gulch, 505 m, 6 February 2015, J. Hayward C11O (holotype HAW-F-00088).; J. Hayward C11O [HAW] , J. Hayward C6O [HAW] , J. Hayward C17O [HAW] , J. Hayward C8K [HAW] , more...
Typification: OAHU, HAWAII, USA: Manuwai Gulch, 485 m, 16 May 2014, J. Hayward R11O (holotype HAW-F-00086).; J. Hayward R11O [HAW] , J. Hayward R1K [HAW] , J. Hayward R70 [HAW] , J. Hayward R12O [HAW] , more...
Typification: OAHU, HAWAII, USA: Mokuleia Forest Reserve, 318 m, 18 April 2015, J. Hayward S13O (holotype HAW-F-00087).; J. Hayward S13O [HAW] , J. Hayward S14O [HAW] , J. Hayward S12O [HAW] , J. Hayward S1H [HAW] , more...