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Taxa: Begonia fischeri (Begonia tovarensis, Begonia setosa, Begonia fischeri var. macroptera, Begonia macroptera, Begonia roraimensis, Begonia ulei, Begonia brasiliensis, Begonia elata, Begonia malvacea, Begonia palustris, Begonia uliginosa, Begonia vellerea), Begonia fischeri var. klugii, Begonia fischer... (show all)
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Herbario Nacional Colombiano

182678L. Holm-Nielsen | S. Jeppesen | B. Lojtnant | B. Ollgaard   37751973-04-18
Ecuador, Zamora- Chinchipe, Road Loja-Zamora, km 54., -4.033333 -78.983333, 1300 - 1300m

368202Renato Valencia | K. Romoleroux   4951991-05-01
Ecuador, Pastaza, Carretea Mera río Anzú., -1.4 -78.066667, 1350 - 1400m

Missouri Botanical Garden

1426469Homero Vargas & E. Narv   1999-01-06
Ecuador, Napo, Quijos, Reserva Ecol, -0.63 -77.85, 2400m

283934L.B. Holm-Nielsen et al.   
Ecuador, Zamora-Chinchipe, Road Loja - Zamora, km 54. Steep clayey slopes with scattered shrub vegetation and dense herb cover., -4.03 -78.98, 1300m

284065Carlos E. Cer   1990-05-27
Ecuador, Sucumb, Gonzalo Pizarro, Reventador. El Salado, junto al R, -0.02 -77.6, 1400m

285684L.B. Holm-Nielsen et al.   1973-04-21
Ecuador, Zamora-Chinchipe, Road Loja - Zamora, km 39. Rocky area with steep scrub covered slopes., -3.98 -79.07, 1600 - 1650m

1793346Thomas B. Croat & Lynn Hannon   2002-08-30
Ecuador, Pastaza, Vicinity Shell, ca. 1 Km north of town, swampy area with most large trees missing., -1.49 -78.06, 1096m

1901205Thomas B. Croat & Marck Menke   2003-05-26
Ecuador, Zamora-Chinchipe, Along road between El Pangui and Zamora, vic. San Roque, 2 Km S of El Roque, 10 Km S of El Pangui., -3.65 -78.57, 670m

1902930Thomas B. Croat & Marck Menke   2003-05-28
Ecuador, Zamora-Chinchipe, Along road from Namirez (22.3 Km S of Yanzaza) to Nambija, 3 Km above San Carlos., -3.78 -78.64, 762m

New York Botanical Garden

Begonia fischeri var. klugii Irmsch. Irmsch.
41664B. C. Bennett   33941988-08-30
Ecuador, Morona-Santiago, Centro Shuar Yukutais. 10km S Sucua, Rio Upano, roadside N of bridge near school, -2.52 -78.15

Begonia fischeri Schrank
453932J. Zaruma   971985-04-00
Ecuador, Napo, Cañon de los Monos, 15 km al N de Coca, al lado del Río Coca; Hacienda de Héctor Noboa, -0.33 -77.02, 250 - 250m

Begonia fischeri Schrank Schrank
41668B. C. Bennett   35501988-11-06
Ecuador, Morona-Santiago, Centro Shuar Yukutais. East side of Rio Yukutais, base of mountain, near house of P. Kunkumas, -3.5 -78.17

United States National Herbarium

3206481.204L. B. Holm-Nielsen   37751973-04-18
Ecuador, Zamora-Chinchipe, Road from Loja to Zamora, -4.0333 -78.9833, 1300 - 1300m

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