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Taxa: Brugmansia versicolor (Brugmansia dolichocarpa)
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Charles Darwin Research Station Herbarium

15109Pozo, P.   10552002-12-06
Ecuador, Galápagos, Isla Santa Cruz; Vivienda del barrio Matazarno. Puerto Ayora., -0.738111 -90.312655, 19m

16091Guézou, A.   168542004-07-07
Ecuador, Galápagos, Isla Santa Cruz; Zona Agrícola. Finca de José Cango., -0.685155 -90.324252, 250m

16803Guerrero, A.M.   10072004-12-02
Ecuador, Galápagos, Volcán Sierra Negra, Isabela; Finca de Jorge Jaramillo D. (FI 009)., -0.870416 -91.0145

36000Chamorro, S.   265712007-04-23
Ecuador, Galápagos, Isla San Cristóbal; Billar Los Güingas y Vivienda en el barrio Playa de Oro (POf20). Pto. Baquerizo Moreno., -0.900222 -89.608638

iNaturalist Plant Observations - Colombia

carmelo_lopez   2014-10-12
Ecuador, Pichincha, Quito, Bellavista Cloud Forest, Tandayapa Valley, Pichincha, Ecuador., 0.003819 -78.691463

Missouri Botanical Garden

460742C. Dodson   
Ecuador, Los R, Quevedo, R, -0.58 -79.37, 150 - 220m

464908Kvist   1982-06-30
Ecuador, Esmeraldas, R, 0.82 -78.95, 100m

464915Kvist   1982-07-12
Ecuador, Pichincha, In the Colorado community Congoma Grande at km. 23 on the Santa Domingo - Puerto Lim, -0.35 -79.37, 100m

464924Barfod   1982-10-24
Ecuador, Esmeraldas, R, 0.8 -78.87, 200m

464931Barfod   1983-01-12
Ecuador, Carchi, Chical. Clearing near the house of Messias Guanga, c. 1 hours walk SE of Chical. Ethnobot. inform.: Messias Guanga. [coordinates changed from 1.5N, 78.15W to 1.02N, 78.14W], 1.03 -78.23, 1200m

464939Barfod   1983-02-26
Ecuador, Carchi, Chical. Collections made on the Columbian side of R, 1.03 -78.22, 1200m

464947Barfod   1983-03-02
Ecuador, Carchi, San Marcos. Along trail going by the school to R, 1.12 -78.33, 660m

465098Galo Tipaz & Carlos Quelal   1991-05-20
Ecuador, Pichincha, Quito, Nanegal. Reserva Biol, 0.13 -78.58, 1200 - 1700m

467271Walter Palacios, G. Tipaz, E. Gudi   1992-02-09
Ecuador, Carchi, Mira, El Carmen, Norte de Gualch, 0.82 -78.22, 1500m

468032Carlos Quelal & Galo Tipaz   1991-05-17
Ecuador, Pichincha, Quito, Reserva Biol, 0.17 -78.67, 1500 - 1700m

Naturalis Biodiversity Center

L.4150484Barfod AS   1983-02-26
Ecuador, Flora of Ecuador. Province: Carchi. Chical. Collections made on the Columbian side of Rio San JUan along trail leading to Altaquer., 1.033333 -78.216667

United States National Herbarium

3466517.2062320J. L. Clark, O. Mejia & E. Diaz (guide)   63352001-12-07
Ecuador, Carchi, Tulcán, Parroquia: Chical. Collection made along path from the village of Chical towards an area known locally as "Crystal." Walked along Río Blanca via the Cordillera Gualchan (ca. 6-8 km SW of Chical)., 0.8969 -78.2094167, 1200 - 1800m

Page 1, records 1-17 of 17

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