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Taxa: Heisteria asplundii
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iNaturalist Plant Observations - Colombia

rudygelis   2019-03-01
Ecuador, Pichincha, San Miguel de los Bancos, Pichincha, EC, -0.0360099822 -78.7852462235

Missouri Botanical Garden

1717445Holm-Nielsen, Lauritz B. et al.   1980-07-22
Ecuador, Pichincha, Road Pacto-Nuevo Azuay, 10 km N of La Esperanza. Rain forest, 0.2 -78.77, 1150m

1717454Madison et al.   1978-05-29
Ecuador, Carchi, Environs of Chical, 12 km below Maldonado on r, 1.07 -78.28, 1200m

1717464Madison et al.   1978-05-30
Ecuador, Carchi, environs of Chical, 12 km below Maldonado, fr, 1.07 -78.28, 1200m

1717488   1982-05-03
Ecuador, Pichincha, Road Gualea-La Armenia, 3 km from La Armenia. Deep ravine with tall montane forst and adjacent open road banks, 0.1 -78.72, 1800m

727812Carlos Quelal & J. Luteyn   1992-05-13
Ecuador, Esmeraldas, San Lorenzo, Parroquia Alto Tambo. Frente Finca del Sr. Lalama, a 1,5 Km del sector de El Cristal. Bosque pluvial Premontano, 0.83 -78.5, 650m

727977A. Gentry & Gene Schupp   1979-09-23
Ecuador, Carchi, Vicinity of Chical, wet premontane forest and adjacent second growth., 0.93 -78.18, 1200 - 1350m

728134H. van der Werff, B. Gray & G. Tipas   1991-07-10
Ecuador, Pichincha, Along road Nanegal-Palmitopamba. Pasture and few rather dry forest remnants., 0.17 -78.67, 1200m

728179Galo Tipaz, C. Quelal & A. Grijalva   1992-04-13
Ecuador, Esmeraldas, San Lorenzo, Parroquia Alto Tambo. Sector El Cristal. Bosque pluvial Premontano. Bosque Primario., 1.5 -78.5, 600m

1083204Milton Tirado, P. Fuentes. R. Zurita & L. Chamorro   1994-08-18
Ecuador, Carchi, Mira, El Carmen. Cerro Golondrinas. Bosque Montano. Bosque primario en colinas., 0.83 -78.18, 2000 - 2400m

1698596C. Bonifaz & Cornejo   1995-09-01
Ecuador, Bol, Hcda. Changuil, Agua Clara. Bosque h, -2.1 -79.17, 400m

Naturalis Biodiversity Center

U.1460079Øllgaard B; Korning J; Thomsen K   1985-02-08
Ecuador, Carchi, 1.1 -78.266667

New York Botanical Garden

Heisteria asplundii Sleumer
1095720X. Cornejo   80912009-01-21
Ecuador, Santo Domingo de los Tsáchilas, Otongachi, -0.317817 -78.9561, 900 - 900m

Heisteria asplundii Sleumer Sleumer
88709H. T. Beck   21851993-09-21
Ecuador, Esmeraldas, Awá Reserve. Footpath to Rio Mira, in the vicinity of the community of Mataje, 1.25 -78.67, 216 - 216m

Page 1, records 1-14 of 14

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