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Taxa: Colignonia rufopilosa
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Missouri Botanical Garden

62617A   1992-04-30
Ecuador, Napo, Quijos, Sierra Azul (Agr, -0.67 -77.9, 2200m

738078L.B. Holm-Nielsen et al.   1973-05-17
Ecuador, Carchi, Valle de Maldonado, km 53 on the road Tulc, 0.83 -78.05, 3150 - 3250m

739626Bruce A. Stein & D. D'Alessandro   1985-05-10
Ecuador, Loja, Antenna maintenance road climbing Cordillera Oriental E of Yangana. Lower cloud forest., -4.37 -79.3

739847B. L   1979-05-28
Ecuador, Cotopaxi, Latacunga-Quevedo road, 3-5 km above Pilal, -0.93 -78.98, 2700 - 2800m

740071   1976-08-11
Ecuador, Imbabura, Road Cotacachi - Apuela, 33-36 km from Cotacachi (Intac valley). Road banks and montane forest., 0.33 -78.43, 2900 - 2950m

740079Balslev & E. Madsen   1976-10-25
Ecuador, Napo, Baeza. Dense vegetation along river and adjacent pastures SW of the village., -0.47 -77.88, 2000 - 2200m

740102H. van der Werff & W. Palacios   1987-04-26
Ecuador, Loja, About 10 km SW of Loja, along road past the University towards La Violeta. Degraded cloud forest and rather dry scrub., -4.03 -79.17, 2950m

740172Walter Palacios   1990-10-16
Ecuador, Napo, Quijos, Arriba de Baeza. Sitio del antena de IETEL. Bosque primario. Bosque muy h, -0.43 -77.9, 2500m

1294719Homero Vargas, E. Narv   1998-11-12
Ecuador, Napo, Quijos, Reserva Ecol, -0.58 -77.95, 2530m

1296021Ximena Aguirre, P. Fuentes & C. Morales   1998-09-27
Ecuador, Sucumb, Sucumb, 3 km al suroeste del centro poblado La Bonita. Bosque muy h, 0.45 -77.55, 2100m

285433Bibiana Cuamac   1992-07-12
Ecuador, Imbabura, Cotacachi, Parroquia Plaza Gutierrez. Caser, 0.33 -78.43, 3000m

1293687Homero Vargas, E. Narv   1998-06-18
Ecuador, Napo, Quijos, Reserva Ecol, -0.43 -78.03, 2500m

1446047Manuel Mantuano & Grupo Post-Grado MO-QCNE   2000-03-17
Ecuador, Pichincha, Quito, Cerro el Castillo. L, -0.05 -78.65, 2600m

1881568Thomas B. Croat & Marck Menke   2003-05-19
Ecuador, Ca, Along road between Guamote and Cuenca, 111.8 Km S from Guamote, 4.2 Km S of border with Chimborazo Province, 14.0 Km S of Sag, -2.26 -78.92, 2000m

1888846Thomas B. Croat & Lynn Hannon   2003-04-28
Ecuador, Imbabura, Along road from Cotacachi to Apuela, 32.5 Km W of Quiroga, 24.0 Km E of Apuela., 0.34 -78.43, 3073m

Museo Nacional de Costa Rica

204094Webster Grady L.   294091992-07-15
Ecuador, Pichincha, Edge of mossy forest boundary of Bosque Protector Mindo - NAmbillo c. 17 km by road NE of Mindo., 0.01 -78.75, 1650m

New York Botanical Garden

Colignonia rufopilosa Kuntze
879121B. M. Boom   14851982-05-20
Ecuador, Pichincha, Quito-Sto. Domngo old rd, 6-11 km W of San Juan, -0.25 -78.75, 3300 - 3300m

Page 1, records 1-17 of 17

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