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Taxa: Plukenetia polyadenia (Plukenetia abutifolia)
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Arizona State University Vascular Plant Herbarium

ASU0316958   2010-11-08
Ecuador, Yasuni National Park; B, -0.67814 -76.4014, 232m

Missouri Botanical Garden

140151Walter Palacios & David Neill   1985-08-14
Ecuador, Pastaza, R, -1.4 -76.75, 275m

141002Milton Aulestia & G. Grefa   1993-07-28
Ecuador, Napo, Orellana, Parque Nacional Yasun, -0.55 -76.5, 250m

141134Walter Palacios & D. Neill   1986-09-10
Ecuador, Pastaza, Estaci, -0.42 -77, 250m

141459Milton Aulestia & J. Andi   1993-09-01
Ecuador, Napo, Orellana, Parque Nacional Yasun, -0.78 -76.5, 250m

141689Walter Palacios & C. Iguago   1989-09-21
Ecuador, Napo, Cant, -1.05 -77.65, 450m

142742Carlos E. Cer   1988-11-17
Ecuador, Napo, Estaci, -1.07 -77.6, 450m

148805J. Brandbyge & Asanza   1980-04-01
Ecuador, Napo, Lake Lago Agrio. Forest on the banks of the lake., 0.12 -76.92, 250m

149410Jaramillo et al.   1980-05-31
Ecuador, Pastaza, Lorocachi. A 2 horas en deslizador aguas arriba, el En ca, -1.6 -75.98, 200m

152560Carlos E. Cer   1988-07-15
Ecuador, Pastaza, Comuna Shuar AMUNTAY (KAPAWI). Bosque h, -2.52 -76.8, 250 - 300m

152747Vlastimil Zak & S. Espinoza   1989-07-02
Ecuador, Pastaza, Pozo petrolero "Garza" de TENNECO. 35 km (aprox.) al noreste de Montalvo. Bosque h, -1.82 -76.7, 260m

153621Carlos E. Cer   1988-01-14
Ecuador, Napo, Parque Nacional Yasun, -0.87 -76.08, 230m

156762David Neill, C. Cer   1988-01-09
Ecuador, Napo, Parque Nacional Yasun, -0.95 -76.22, 230m

799678Edgar Gudi   1993-02-20
Ecuador, Napo, La Joya de los Sachas, Parque Nacional Yasun, -0.42 -76.62, 250m

1525201M.J. Mac   1998-02-24
Ecuador, Orellana, Parque Nacional Yasun, -0.98 -76.22

1487709Thomas B. Croat, Lynn Hannon, Dylan Hannon & Emily Kinsinger   2000-07-11
Ecuador, Esmeraldas, Along road from San Lorenzo to Mataje, departing main Lita-San Lorenzo highway, 7.5 Km N of Gasolinera San Lorenzo, 0.4 Km W of main Lita-San Lorenzo highway., 1.24 -78.76, 60m

New York Botanical Garden

Plukenetia polyadenia Müll.Arg. Müll.Arg.
41601B. C. Bennett   41381990-03-12
Ecuador, Morona-Santiago, Centro Shuar Yukutais. West of Pedro Kunkumas' house and south of school, -2.5 -78.13, 900 - 900m

Page 1, records 1-17 of 17

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