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Taxa: Tonina fluviatilis
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iNaturalist Plant Observations - Colombia

jrichardabbott   2018-10-09
Ecuador, Napo, Tena, CIPCA (Centro de Investigación, Posgrado y Conservación Amazónica), La Universidad Estatal Amazónica, Napo Province, Ecuador, -1.2382499545 -77.885467733

Missouri Botanical Garden

599781L.B. Holm-Nielsen et al.   1979-08-20
Ecuador, Napo, Road Coca - Auca oilfields, 3 km along the road to Yucca. Rain forest., -0.47 -76.92, 400m

599789L.B. Holm-Nielsen et al.   1980-03-19
Ecuador, Pastaza, Curaray. Ridge NE of Destacamento. Rain forest. Annonaceae, Mimosaceae, Moraceae, and many ferns and Selaginellas., -1.35 -76.93, 250m

599798Kvist & Asanza   1982-08-01
Ecuador, Esmeraldas, R, 0.8 -78.92, 100m

599806B. L   1979-05-17
Ecuador, Pastaza, Montalvo, within the military camp. Fields, hedgerows, and lawns with small ditches., -2.08 -76.97, 250m

599821Walter Palacios   1991-06-26
Ecuador, Napo, Tena, Estaci, -1.07 -77.6, 400m

599862Carlos E. Cer   1987-09-04
Ecuador, Napo, Reserva Biol, -1.07 -77.6, 450m

882451J. Richard Abbott   1994-11-14
Ecuador, Napo, Tena, Jatun Sacha Biological Station; 8 km east of Puerto Misahualli; south side of R, -1.07 -77.6, 400m

1338385John L. Clark, E. Narvaez & T. Pauchi   1998-04-23
Ecuador, Napo, Archidona, Reserva Ecol, -0.72 -77.82, 1700m

Page 1, records 1-9 of 9

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