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Taxa: Begonia octopetala, Begonia octopetala subsp. octopetala (Begonia grandiflora), Begonia octopetala subsp. ovatoformis
Search Criteria: Only include occurrences with coordinates; Ecuador; includes cultivated/captive occurrences

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Missouri Botanical Garden

Begonia grandiflora Knowles & Wescott
284545A   1992-08-28
Ecuador, Imbabura, Cotacachi, Hda. La Florida. Bosque secundario. Bosque h, -0.38 -78.47, 1900 - 2500m

283851L.B. Holm-Nielsen et al.   1973-04-09
Ecuador, Cotopaxi, W and N of Pilal, -0.93 -79, 2350 - 2450m

283989Carlos E. Cer   1990-07-04
Ecuador, Cotopaxi, Latacunga, Parroquia Pilal, -0.95 -78.98, 1800m

284335P.M. J   1994-04-12
Ecuador, Loja, Cerro de Celica. Celica-Guachanam, -4.1 -79.95, 2190m

285332Thomas B. Croat   1992-04-06
Ecuador, Cotopaxi, Pujil, Along road between Latacunga and El Corozon, via Apahua, Ingapirca and Angamarca, 23.1 km SW of Angamarca, 26.9 km N of El Corozon., -1.15 -78.97, 2640m

285640L.B. Holm-Nielsen & R. Andrade   1979-07-07
Ecuador, Cotopaxi, Road Angamarca - El Coraz, -1.15 -79.08, 1250m

285658B. L   1979-05-28
Ecuador, Cotopaxi, Latacunga-Quevedo road, 3-5 km above Pilal, -0.93 -78.98, 2700 - 2800m

285667L.B. Holm-Nielsen & S. Jeppesen   1968-07-03
Ecuador, Cotopaxi, Pilalo., -0.95 -79.03, 2400m

United States National Herbarium

3325073.246P. Jorgensen, C. Ulloa, H. Vargas & G. Abendaño   761994-04-12
Ecuador, Loja, Cerro de Celica, Celica-Guachanama, -4.0972 -79.9494, 2190 - 2190m

Page 1, records 1-9 of 9

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