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Taxa: Mikania psilostachya (Mikania karuaiensis, Mikania moyobambensis, Mikania polystachya, Mikania scabra)
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Missouri Botanical Garden

567198Walter Palacios   1988-02-22
Ecuador, Napo, Estaci, -1.07 -77.6, 450m

571142Edgar Gudi   1990-07-07
Ecuador, Morona-Santiago, Carretera M, -3 -78.08, 500m

574549J. Brandbyge et al.   1980-03-16
Ecuador, Napo, 5 km north of Coca on the Coca - Lago Agrio road. Disturbed primary forest along roadside., -0.4 -76.98, 200m

576250W.S. Hoover, P.Gelpi, R.A. Lorentzen & A.Arguello   1988-01-14
Ecuador, Carchi, Trail from Pa, 0.85 -78.27, 1000 - 1450m

578874Carlos E. Cer   1987-05-21
Ecuador, Napo, Reserva Biol, -1.07 -77.6, 450m

585157Henk van der Werff & Edgar Gudi   1989-08-19
Ecuador, Morona-Santiago, Along new road Mendez-Morona, km 30-35. Remnants of forests., -0.92 -78.2, 800m

589299Thomas B. Croat   1992-03-20
Ecuador, Cotopaxi, La Man, Along road between Guayac, -0.7 -79.1, 750m

592736   1980-07-30
Ecuador, Pastaza, C. 5 km E of Mera, on road to Shell Mera. Rocky escarpment, road bank and riverside vegetation., -1.47 -78.08, 1050m

594592Vlastimil Zak & D. Rubio   1989-04-01
Ecuador, Pastaza, Carretera de PETRO-CANADA en construc- ci, -1.25 -76.92, 320m

596721A. Gentry, C. Dodson, B. Boyle & D. Rubio   1990-05-12
Ecuador, Esmeraldas, Lita-San Lorenzo road, 10-20 km NW of Lita., 0.92 -78.58, 800m

3351890P. Acevedo-Rdgz & J. A .Cedeno   1995-06-12
Ecuador, Napo, Jatun Sacha Biological Station. Along border of primary forest, -1.05 -77.6, 450m

Naturalis Biodiversity Center

U.1135570Brandbyge J; Asanza C E; Akkermans RWAP   1980-03-16
Ecuador, Flora of Ecuador. Prov. NAPO: 5 km north of Coca on the Coca - Lago Agrio road., -0.4 -76.983333

U.1135563Acevedo-Rodríguez P; Cedeño JA   1995-06-20
Ecuador, Napo, -0.666667 -76.383333

New York Botanical Garden

Mikania psilostachya DC. DC.
800759P. Acevedo-Rodríguez   74291995-06-20
Ecuador, Napo, Yasuni Forest Reserve; E of Pontificia Universidad Católica del Ecuador Scientific Station, -0.680883 -76.39495, 225 - 225m

United States National Herbarium

10496725P. Acevedo-Rodriguez & J. A. Cedeño M.   74291995-06-20
Ecuador, Napo, Napo Province: Yasuni Forest Reserve; E of Pontificia Universidad Católica del Ecuador Scientific Station., -0.6808 -76.395, 225m

10496361P. Acevedo-Rodriguez & J. A. Cedeño M.   72941995-06-12
Ecuador, Napo, Napo Province: Jatún Sacha Biological Station., -1.0664 -77.6153, 450m

Page 1, records 1-16 of 16

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