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Taxa: Tabernaemontana heterophylla (Stenosolen heterophylla, Stenosolen holothuria, Stenosolen stenolobus, Peschiera laevifructa, Peschiera tenuiflora)
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Naturalis Biodiversity Center

WAG.1673683Barfod AS; Kvist LP; Nissen D   1983-10-11
Ecuador, Province Esmeraldas. Zapallo Grande, a mixed black and Cayapa Amerindian community along Rio Cayapa., 0.8 -78.9

WAG.1673623Jaramillo Azanza J; Coello F; Freire A   1980-05-29
Ecuador, Prov. Pastaza: Lorocachi. A 2 km, margens izquierda del Rui Curaray, aquas abajo., -1.633333 -75.966667

U.1096880Kvist LP; Asanza C E   1982-08-05
Ecuador, Esmeraldas, 0.783333 -78.916667

New York Botanical Garden

Tabernaemontana heterophylla Vahl Vahl
4190444T. B. Croat   933302004-08-14
Ecuador, Bolívar, Clementina Farms, Cerro Samama, 5.7 km S and W of main Pueblo-Viejo-Caluma Road, 5.2 km W from bridge over Rio Pita (trunoff is 6.3 km E from Potosí), -1.5975 -79.3311, 371 - 600m

Page 1, records 1-4 of 4

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