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Taxa: Laubertia boissieri (Echites eggersii, Echites sanctae-martae, Laubertia sanctae-martae)
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Missouri Botanical Garden

417647A. Gentry, R. Foster & C. Josse   1991-01-30
Ecuador, Esmeraldas, Fila de Bilsa, 7 km E of San Jose de Bilsa, wet forest, ca. 80 km due SW of Esmeraldas, 12 km SE of El Salto on Atacames-Muisne Road., 0.62 -79.85, 280m

417815David Neill   1992-08-05
Ecuador, Napo, Orellana, Comuna Pompeya, on south bank of R, -0.5 -76.67, 220m

420615Carlos E. Cer   1987-11-08
Ecuador, Napo, Reserva Biol, -1.07 -77.6, 450m

420628Carlos E. Cer   1988-02-17
Ecuador, Napo, Estaci, -1.07 -77.6, 450m

421278Dodson et al.   
Ecuador, Los R, R, -0.58 -79.37, 150 - 220m

421903Al Gentry & C. Dodson   1986-07-16
Ecuador, Los R, R, -0.53 -79.33, 200m

1565110Tom Delinks & Carlos Robles   1999-10-07
Ecuador, Manab, Jaramij, 24 km south of Pedernales; remnant tropical moist forest, just north of the town Camarones; 5 km from seashore., -0.1 -80.14, 100 - 500m

Naturalis Biodiversity Center

WAG.1609207Gentry AH; Dodson CH   1986-07-16
Ecuador, Prov. Los Rios: Río Palenque Science Center halfway between Santo Domingo and Quevedo., -0.533333 -79.333333

United States National Herbarium

3313070.105P. Acevedo-Rodriguez & J. A. Cedeño M.   72531995-06-11
Ecuador, Napo, Napo Province: Jatún Sacha Biological Station., -1.0664 -77.6153, 450m

Page 1, records 1-9 of 9

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