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Taxa: Sanchezia parviflora
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Missouri Botanical Garden

3373986X. Cornejo, C. Cornejo & C. Bonifaz   1994-10-22
Ecuador, Azuay, Manta Real cerca. Bosque h, -2.58 -79.33, 400m

1063451Tamara N   1995-11-02
Ecuador, Guayas, Guayaquil, Bosque Protector Cerro Blanco. Carretera Guayaquil-Salinas, Km 17. Caseta Pigio-Quebrada Aneta, bajando por Km 19. Bosque seco Tropical. Suelo derivado de roca caliza., -2.17 -80.13, 100 - 300m

500377A. Gentry   1976-10-06
Ecuador, Los R, R, -0.58 -79.37, 200m

502482Kvist & Holm-Nielsen   1982-06-11
Ecuador, Pichincha, Km. 37 on the road from Santa Domingo to Quevedo. Forest remnants on about 10 ha. left. Dominated by tall Ceiba, palms and Cecropia., -0.53 -79.42, 100m

502492Kvist & Asanza   1982-06-28
Ecuador, Esmeraldas, R, 0.8 -78.9, 200m

503127Kvist   1982-06-09
Ecuador, Pichincha, In the Colorado community Congoma Grande at km. 23 on the Santa Domingo - Puerto Lim, -0.35 -79.37, 100m

505077Carlos E. Cer   1988-10-22
Ecuador, Napo, Estaci, -1.07 -77.6, 450m

506134Henk van der Werff & Edgar Gudi   1989-08-20
Ecuador, Morona-Santiago, Along new road Mendez-Morona, km 15. Forest remnant., -2.83 -78.17, 800m

798332Carlos Aulestia & M. Aulestia   1993-01-21
Ecuador, Esmeraldas, San Lorenzo, Parroquia Ricaurte. Centro Pambilar. Bosque Pluvial Tropical. Bosque primario., 1.13 -78.6, 500m

1337756John L. Clark   1998-03-16
Ecuador, Esmeraldas, Quinind, Reserva Ecol, 0.42 -79.75, 250m

1832092Wilson Quizhpe, D. Pardo & J. Zhunaula   2003-02-23
Ecuador, Zamora-Chinchipe, Nangaritza, Regi, -4.2 -78.68, 1500m

Naturalis Biodiversity Center

U.1057060Maas PJM; Chatrou LW; Repetur CP; Clark JL; Bonifaz C   1997-01-22
Ecuador, Guayas, path from Suspiro to Reserva Comunal Loma Alta., -1.816667 -80.6

U.1057059Kvist LP   1982-06-09
Ecuador, Pichincha, -0.35 -79.366667

New York Botanical Garden

Sanchezia parviflora Leonard Leonard
3108022J. L. Clark   91332005-08-10
Ecuador, Pastaza, Pastaza, Parroquia: Simon Bolivar. Bosque Protector Arutam (Fundaci├│n Arutam). Km 47 on Puyo-Macas highway, -1.7814 -77.8325, 800 - 950m

Page 1, records 1-14 of 14

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