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Taxa: Hamelia longipes
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Harvard University Herbaria

barcode-00097126P. C. Standley   248291922-06-02
Guatemala, Izabal, Vicinity of Escoba, on the bay opposite Puerto Barrios, deep forest, ca. 150 m

Missouri Botanical Garden

512602William Haber & Willow Zuchowski   92471989-06-12
Costa Rica, Puntarenas, 9 km West Monteverde on road to Inter American Hyway. Moist stream canyon. 9 km West Monteverde on road to Inter American Hyway. Moist stream canyon. 10.16N 84.50W 900 m 12 June 1989 William Haber & Willow Zuchowski, 10.27 -84.83, 900m

512848William Haber & Steven Daniel   99091990-06-05
Costa Rica, Puntarenas, Puntarenas, Monteverde. Pacific slope moist forest below community along Río Guacimal to Lindora Electric plant., 10.3 -84.83, 950 - 1150m

100273533   33872003-05-01
Guatemala, Izabal, Livingston, Cerro San Gil., 15.68 -88.98, 2m

100276223   652001-08-02
Guatemala, Izabal, Livingston, Parte alta de Creek Jute. Biotopo Chocón Machacas., 15.53 -88.98

2276668C. Gustafsson, M. Fredriksson & E. Pöll   1201993-02-21
Guatemala, Izabal, Road Las Escobas towards Cerro San Gil, 15.69 -88.66, 500 - 700m

2277383Pedro Tenorio L., E. Martínez S., H. Droege & Ava Nury Díaz   149891988-07-28
Guatemala, Izabal, Livingston, Creek Jute, Biotopo Chocón Machacas. Selva alta perennifolia. [original coordinates as 15º36'N, 88º24'W], 15.79 -88.87

2278942M. Nee, D. Atha & J. C. Rosito   473131997-09-21
Guatemala, Izabal, Along road through forest to antennas on Cerro San Gil, W of Santo Tomás de Castilla. Humid evergreen forest on slopes, 15.7 -88.66, 300m

527824W.D. Stevens, E. Martínez S., H. Droege & A.N. Díaz   255241988-09-08
Guatemala, Izabal, Montañas del Mico, 11 km W of Santo Tomás de Castilla, microwave tower. tall forest on karst limestone, some areas with thin, black soil, 15.67 -88.69, 940m

Museo Nacional de Costa Rica

211437Stevens Warren D.   217691982-07-11
Nicaragua, Zelaya, 7.4 km SE of El Empalme along road to Limbaika. Disturbed evergreen forest on well-drained slopes., 13.63 -84.38, 130m

Naturalis Biodiversity Center

U.1561651Grijalva P (Alfredo) A   1979-04-13
Nicaragua, Flora de Nicaragua, Departamento de Zelaya. Costado sur del Cerro La Pimienta y norte del Cerro Hormiguero, A orilla del Caño Hormiguero., 13.745833 -84.995833

United States National Herbarium

1150447.21P. C. Standley   248291922-06-02
Guatemala, Izabal, Escoba, bay opposite Puerto Barrios., 150 - 150m

Page 1, records 1-12 of 12

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