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Taxa: Galvezia fruticosa
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Arizona State University Vascular Plant Herbarium

ASU0047094Wendy Hodgson   78741994-02-19
Peru, Ica, Ca. 0.25 mi west of Hwy 1 (Pan-American highway) along Hwy 109., -15.44181 -74.88075, 280m

Field Museum of Natural History

T. Anderson et al.   7874
Peru, Ica, ca. ¼ mi W of Highway 1 (Pan-American Highway) along Highway 109, -15.43 -74.87

J. Mostacero L.   696
Peru, La Libertad, Trujillo, Trujillo, base del Cerro Campana, -7.97 -79.1

P. C. Hutchison   1001
Peru, Lima, Lima, Canta Valley, 26 km N of Lima, -11.72 -76.97

M. O. Dillon   4007
Peru, Ancash, Casma, ca. 48 km N of Pativilca on Pan-American Highway, -9.47 -78, 10m

M. Weigend   631
Peru, Ica, Nazca, Panamericana km 424 (ca 2 km S of Mirador Maria Reiche on the Nazca geoglyphs), -14.83 -74.83

H. Ruíz L. & J. A. Pavón   1778-00-00

A. Sagástegui A. & J. Mostacero L.   113321983-12-29
Peru, Cajamarca, Contumazá, Ascope-Algarrobal, 150m

A. Sagástegui A.   113881984-04-20
Peru, Cajamarca, Contumazá, El Portachuelo (Ascope - El Algarrobal), 780m

I. M. Sánchez Vega   33901984-05-05
Peru, Cajamarca, Contumazá, en el lugar llamado La Paloma, sobre la ruta a Pacasmayo, cerca a Chilete, 950m

A. Sagástegui A. et al.   153621994-06-17
Peru, Cajamarca, Contumazá, Rupe-Huertas, 1200m

Missouri Botanical Garden

1737575Carlos E. Cer   1991-09-28
Ecuador, Isla Salango. Parque Nacional Machahilla. (Bosque seco Tropical.) Monte des, -1.6 -80.9, 0 - 120m

1748050David Neill & Mercedes Asanza   2001-07-23
Ecuador, Manab, Manta, Along road 8 km south of San Mateo, 2 km north of El Aromo, southwest of Manta. Dry tropical scrub vegetation, disturbed, on ridge above dry gully. Now during dry season., -1.03 -80.83, 300m

473833A. Sagástegui A.   109011983-10-14
Peru, Piura, Talara, Sullana - Talara.

479083Al Gentry, C. Diaz & R. Ortiz   745231991-09-07
Peru, La Libertad, Coastal desert ca. 50 km N of Trujillo on Pan-American Highway., -7.75 -79.33, 50m

Naturalis Biodiversity Center

L.2892511Gentry AH; Dillon MO; Berry P; Aronson J   1978-06-22
Peru, Dpto. ICA: 21 km NW of Nazca.

United States National Herbarium

63841.10063Wilkes Explor. Exped.   s.n.1838-00-00
Peru, Lima

Page 1, records 1-17 of 17

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