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Taxa: Fuchsia cochabambana
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Field Museum of Natural History

V0066358FR. F. Steinbach   6321966-12-18

Missouri Botanical Garden

1100330J. Bradford, N. Skinner & J. Tassin   5441995-08-02
Bolivia, Cochabamba, Monte Punco. Montane forest along and near road from Monte Punco through Parque Carasco. Area disturbed by cattle and small human settlements., -17.83 -65.23, 2860m

1369198Roy F. Steinbach   6321966-12-18
Bolivia, Cochabamba, Chapare, Km 104 of Cochabamba-Villa Tunari road, 3., 100m

340205James C. Solomon y M. Nee   159831987-02-10
Bolivia, Cochabamba, Carrasco, 28 km al noroeste de Camarapa por el camino entre Santa Cruz y Cochabamba (20 km en línea recta al noroeste de Comarapa). Bosque nuboso con Weinmannia, Solanum y helechos arboreos., -17.82 -64.68, 2450m

Naturalis Biodiversity Center

U 0005333Steinbach RF   1966-12-18
Bolivia, Cochabamba, Km. 104 del camino al Chapare Depto. de Cochabamba

New York Botanical Garden

Fuchsia cochabambana P.E.Berry P.E.Berry
231370R. F. Steinbach   6321966-12-18
Bolivia, Cochabamba, Km. 104 del camino al Chapare.

United States National Herbarium

2533496.21R. Steinbach   6321966-12-18
Bolivia, Cochabamba, Chaparé, Km 104 of Cochabamba-Villa Tunari road., 3100 - 3100m

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