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Taxa: Dorstenia lindeniana
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Field Museum of Natural History

J. J. Linden   641839-00-00

Missouri Botanical Garden

100275487   1051990-10-20
Guatemala, Izabal, Cerro San Gil, Las Escobas., 90 - 155m

100276462   1041990-10-20
Guatemala, Izabal, Cerro San Gil, Las Escobas., 90 - 155m

1836746H. von Türckheim   II 43
Guatemala, Alta Verapaz, Cubilgüitz, 15.68 -90.42, 350m

1836752Elias Contreras   77711968-09-30
Guatemala, Alta Verapaz, Chahal, In high forest, Sebol Road, 4.5 kM from airfield, 15.8 -89.55

1836774C.L. Lundell & Elias Contreras   194821975-06-30
Guatemala, Petén, La Cumbre, on Km 139 [of Cadenas Road]. In clearing, 16.08 -89.35

1836780Esteban M. Martínez S., P. Tenorio, H. Droege & A.N. Díaz   231371988-07-30
Guatemala, Izabal, Livingston, En el camino de laguna Salvador a Cálix; Biotopo Chocón Machacas. Veg. Selva alta perennifolia., 15.78 -88.86, 2m

1836786Esteban M. Martínez S., W.D. Stevens, A.N. Díaz & H. Droege   236791988-09-10
Guatemala, Izabal, Puerto Barrios, En el río Las Escobas, camino entre Puerto Barrios y Punta de Palma., 15.69 -88.64, 120m

2869144M. Véliz   MV98.67001998-08-23
Guatemala, Izabal, El Estor, Aldea Bongo, 15.62 -89.18, 200m

3445161Anonymous   29792002-10-27
Guatemala, Izabal, Cerro San Gil, Izabal., 15.69 -88.65

808016W.D. Stevens, E. Martínez S., H. Droege & A.N. Díaz   255521988-08-19
Guatemala, Izabal, Montañas del Mico, 7-8 km W of Santo Tomás de Castilla on road to microwave tower. Tall forest on limestone, some areas with thin, black soil, 15.68 -88.68, 600 - 650m

Naturalis Biodiversity Center

U.1430026Contreras E   1968-09-30
Guatemala, Alta Verapaz

U.1430025Contreras E   1969-12-09
Guatemala, Petén

L.1592891Türckheim H von   1907-08-01
Guatemala, Alta Verapaz, Guatemala, Dep. Alta Verapaz, Cubilgüitz., 15.666667 -90.416667

New York Botanical Garden

Dorstenia lindeniana Bureau
85885M. J. Balick   25171990-01-31
Belize, Toledo District, Ca 40km SW of Punta Gorda. Dolores Estate, 15.98 -89.22

Universidad del Valle de Guatemala - Herbario UVAL

UVAL022084Ana Isabel Garcia   2020-03-09
Guatemala, Guatemala, Petén, Ixobel, Cantulú, Poptún, Petén, 16.26 -89.39, 488m

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