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Taxa: Commelina erecta var. angustifolia
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Arizona State University Vascular Plant Herbarium

ASU0004393J. A. Villarreal   46401988-10-05
Mexico, Coahuila, Mpio. de Ramos Arizpe. Cañada el Diente, Sierra de la Paila., 26.15 -101.5

ASU0004394J. A. Villarreal; M.A. Carran y A. Rodriguez   43881988-08-25
Mexico, Coahuila, Mpio. de Torreón. Sierra de Jimulco, proximidades al ejido la Trinidad., 25.1333 -103.367, 1900 - 2000m

ASU0004377R. Puente; F. May, J. L. Tapia   20452001-01-10
Mexico, Yucatan, Mpio. de Hunucma. Carretera Merida-Hunucma, ca. km 28., 21.1878 -89.9378, 7m

ASU0004376R. Puente; M. Gomez, F. May   20582001-01-12
Mexico, Yucatan, Mpio. de Hunucma Rancho San Antonio y alrededores, aprox. 8 km al norte de Dzemul, aprox. 1 km al sur de Ruinas de X-cambo, 21.3222 -89.3583

Field Museum of Natural History

M. Sessé & J. M. Mociño   431

Instituto Alexander von Humboldt

FMB-059854Gutiérrez, G.; Klevens, M.; Barkley, Fred   14501947-10-25
Colombia, Antioquia, Alrededores de Antioquia, 570m

Missouri Botanical Garden

1657887Steinback, R. F.   8041967-03-08
Bolivia, Santa Cruz, Ichilo, Terrenos sombreados muy humedos; violaceas; spathe closed at one end, 400m

1659548R. F. Steinbach   2811966-06-11
Bolivia, Hierba rastrera, frecuente en terrenos de mucha humedad - faldas de colina, en Grupos; loc. Hierba buena; prov. Florida; flores azules, 130m

1604834W.E. Harmon   23161970-05-16
Guatemala, Retalhuleu, 1 km east of Retalhuleu. Collection from fence rows and weed patches on agriculture experimental farm, 14.54 -91.66, 100m

1658934W.E. Harmon & John D. Dwyer   34951970-08-04
Guatemala, El Progreso, Km post 49 from Guatemala City on CA-9, ancient lava field covered with thorny scrub on thin clay soil, 14.82 -90.23

1659012J. Watkins, D.B. Dunn & D.G. Ledoux   7011975-08-07
Guatemala, El Progreso, About 29 mi from Guatemala City on Altantic Hwy. Arid scrub-like chaparral; Hechtia, oaks, Acacia, Plumeria, etc., 14.8 -90.25, 868m

1986136W.E. Harmon & John D. Dwyer   30071970-07-12
Guatemala, Guatemala, 13 miles SW of Granados. Collection from along roadside in dry subtropical forest, 14.79 -90.64

2811432M. Véliz & F. Ramírez   MV 138232003-07-08
Guatemala, El Progreso, Paso de los Jalapas, Transecto Paso de los Jalapa., 14.88 -89.97, 300 - 400m

2868152M. Véliz & F. Ramírez   MV 137502003-07-08
Guatemala, Chiquimula, Chiquimula, Transecto La Hondonada., 14.85 -89.52, 300 - 400m

610559Randy L. Walker   12051986-04-17
Guatemala, Petén, Near Lago Petén Itza, SE part of Cerro Cauhui [Cahui], 17 -89.72, 125m

Naturalis Biodiversity Center

U.1210555Steyermark JA   1961-01-21
Venezuela, Estdao Bolivar, Headwaters and upper part of Quebrada Caballape, W. of Hato de Nuria E. of Miamo.

United States National Herbarium

2021209.2501624P. C. Standley   209341948-09-00
Honduras, Francisco Morazán, San Antonio de Oriente, 825 - 950m

2448008.2533696J. A. Steyermark   889631961-02-01
Venezuela, Bolivar, S.e. of cerro pichacho; altiplanicie de nuria, 100 - 300m

2447999.2591664J. A. Steyermark   886381961-01-21
Venezuela, Bolivar, Headwaters of quebrada caballape; altiplanicie de nuria, 230 - 350m

Page 1, records 1-19 of 19

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