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Taxa: Asplenium stellatum
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Field Museum of Natural History

Chile, Valparaíso

Missouri Botanical Garden

3283283C. Marticorena, R. Rodriguez, E. Ugarte, J. Arriagada   91431980-02-08
Chile, Masatierra. Cerro Pascua, bosque de Myrceugenia., 430m

3283634F.G. Meyer   94251965-12-02
Chile, Tufted plant in very protected places on overhanging cliffs above the stream a few hundred yards below the falls, Quebrada Angosta; locally common.

3283858F.G. Meyer   94361965-12-03
Chile, On steep slopes in woodland, el, Quebrada de la Mata Maqui on trail to Correspondencia Camp. Common here., 396m

3284115F.G. Meyer   96391965-12-22
Chile, Densely tufted with brittle black stipes and with viviparous plantlets at the frond tips., 487m

3284849Michael F. Doyle, Willie Gonzalez A.   s.n.1986-01-30
Chile, Isla MasaFuera: North rim of Q. vacas, good relict forest composed of Myrceugenia schulzei as upperstory tree, many species of ferns present --terrestrial and epiphytic., 408m

3285220F.G. Meyer   96731965-12-25
Chile, Tufted plant, with spreading to ascending fronds; fronds usually lustrous above' plants with viviparous plantlets produced at frond tips. Crevices in rock faces and on ledges along trail near Camote, fairly common., 548m

New York Botanical Garden

Asplenium stellatum Colla Colla
04045876C. J. F. Skottsberg   1281916-12-13
Chile, Juan Fernandez: Masatierra, Puerto Frances., 360m

Page 1, records 1-8 of 8

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