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Taxa: Myrcianthes karsteniana (Eugenia karsteniana, Myrcia karsteniana, Eugenia karsteniana var. albicans)
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Field Museum of Natural History

H. Karsten   

J. W. K. Moritz   

Herbario Nacional Colombiano

Myrcianthes karsteniana (O. Berg) McVaugh
102606Hernándo García Barriga   174431962-04-15
Colombia, Cundinamarca, Carretera Gutiérrez-Fosca., 4.3067688 -73.9863538, 2050 - 3100m

Missouri Botanical Garden

Myrcianthes karsteniana (O. Berg) McVaugh
307695D. N. Smith & Willibaldo Brack E.   53391983-09-29
Peru, Pasco, Oxapampa, Oxapampa-Villa Rica road. Recently disturbed primary high montaine rain forest., -10.62 -75.37, 1900m

Naturalis Biodiversity Center

Myrcia karsteniana (O.Berg) Steyerm.
U.1443890Steyermark JA   1944-05-14
Venezuela, State of Merida: dwarf cool forest between El Molino and ridge above San Isidro Alto.

United States National Herbarium

USw26752.2748295Collector unknown   s.n.
Venezuela, Mérida

Page 1, records 1-6 of 6

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