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Taxa: Ardisia tenuis (Ardisia pirreana, Auriculardisia tenuis, Auriculardisia pirreana, Icacorea tenuis)
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Harvard University Herbaria

barcode-00112100J. A. Duke & T. S. Elias   137621967-08-09
Panama, Darién, Cerro Pirre, elfin forest, 2500-4500 feet

Missouri Botanical Garden

1472332James A. Duke & T.S. Elias   137621967-08-09
Panama, Darién, Cerro Pirre. Cloud forest and/or mossy forest, 7.83 -77.73, 762 - 1371m

1472336J. P. Folsom   42511977-07-10
Panama, Darién, Cerro Pirre, ridge top near Rancho Plastico., 7.95 -77.7, 1200m

1766957Al Gentry & Andre Clewell   70491972-12-29
Panama, Darién, Summit of Cerro Pirre, 7.82 -77.72

Auriculardisia tenuis (Lundell) Lundell
401086W.G. D'Arcy & G. McPherson   161951985-03-30
Panama, Darién, Rancho Frío (500 m) to summit of Cerro Pirre (1140 m), 7.85 -77.7, 500 - 1140m

401147Gordon McPherson   140791989-09-14
Panama, Darién, On ridge of Cerro Pirre. Wet forest. [Original coordinates 8º00'N, 77º45'W], 7.93 -77.7, 1000 - 1080m

United States National Herbarium

2620235.209J. A. Duke & T. S. Elias   137621967-08-09
Panama, Darién, Cerro Pirre, 762 - 1372m

Page 1, records 1-7 of 7

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