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Taxa: Ardisia dwyeri (Ardisia conglobata, Auriculardisia dwyeri, Auriculardisia conglobata)
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Harvard University Herbaria

barcode-00025784J. D. Dwyer & W. J. Hayden   80821967-08-20
Panama, Cerro Jefe, alt. ca. 2900 feet

Missouri Botanical Garden

1472355John D. Dwyer & Sister M.V. Hayden   80821967-08-20
Panama, Panamá, Panama, Cerro Jefe. Roadside thicket, 9.23 -79.38, 822m

1472361S. Mori, J.A. Kallunki & B.F. Hansen   41721974-12-28
Panama, Panamá, Chepo, El Llano-Cartí Road, 9.8 km from Inter-American Hwy. Wet forest, 9.27 -78.93, 335 - 365m

1731027Al Gentry   21461971-10-18
Panama, Panamá, Panama, Finca Indio, slopes of Cerro Jefe, 9.23 -79.4, 650m

1741056Alwyn Gentry, John D. Dwyer & Edwin L. Tyson   35241972-01-01
Panama, Panamá, Panama, Near top of Cerro Jefe to 1 mile beyond, 9.23 -79.38, 900 - 1000m

Auriculardisia dwyeri (Lundell) Lundell
401406Gordon McPherson   74251985-11-03
Panama, Panamá, Cerro Jefe. Forested slopes beyond radio tower., 9.25 -79.5, 850 - 900m

Museo Nacional de Costa Rica

Ardisia dwyerii
70994Dryer V. J.   5771976-08-15
Costa Rica, Cordillera de Tilarán. Al lado del camino por la Ventana (Divis Continetal)., 1570m

Naturalis Biodiversity Center

U.1438093Sytsma KJ   1980-10-29
Panama, Panamá

United States National Herbarium

2620234.216J. D. Dwyer & M.V. Hayden   80821967-08-20
Panama, Panama, Cerro Jefe., 884 - 884m

Page 1, records 1-9 of 9

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