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Taxa: Cymbopetalum stenophyllum
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Field Museum of Natural History

E. Matuda   168761947-08-15
Mexico, Chiapas

E. Matuda   185881948-01-10
Mexico, Chiapas

Harvard University Herbaria

barcode-00039277J. Donn. Smith   14911892-04-00
Guatemala, Quezaltenango, Rio Ocosito, alt. 250 feet, 76m

Herbario de la Universidad de San Carlos de Guatemala

21710H. Droege   574A
Guatemala, Santa Rosa, San Juan Tecuaco, San Juan Tecuaco, 14.083732 -90.266532, 475 - 475m

Herbario del Banco de Germoplasma CENTA

D-0414P. Galán   66982024-03-27
El Salvador, La Libertad, Río Huiza, aprox. 100 m arriba de la Bomba vieja, 13.590085 -89.231418, 532m

Missouri Botanical Garden

2092225Juan José Castillo Mont & J.M. Vargas   27431995-12-20
Guatemala, Santa Rosa, Taxisco, Taxisco, 14.07 -90.46, 220m

3441373H. Droege   574A
Guatemala, Santa Rosa, San Juan Tecuaco, San Juan Tecuaco., 14.08 -90.27, 475m

New York Botanical Garden

Cymbopetalum stenophyllum Donn.Sm.
1070937J. J. Castillo Mont   27431995-12-20
Guatemala, Santa Rosa, Taxisco, Orilla de un pequeño rio, 220 - 220m

United States National Herbarium

1391605.213J. Donnell Smith   14911892-04-00
Guatemala, Quezaltenango, Rio Ocosito near Caballo Blanco.

1391606.214J. Donnell Smith   14911892-04-00
Guatemala, Quezaltenango, Rio Ocosito., 250 - 250m

Page 1, records 1-10 of 10

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