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Taxa: Centropogon pedicellaris (Centropogon pedicellaris var. gallerensis)
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Harvard University Herbaria

barcode-00033090F. W. Pennell   76191922-07-01
Colombia, Cauca, "San Jose", San Antonio, 2100 - 2500m

Herbario Nacional Colombiano

546694L. McDade   32361986-01-20
Colombia, Valle del Cauca, Cordillera Central. Cerro Horqueta, San Antonio above Cali., 3.416667 -76.583333, 2050 - 2200m

Instituto Alexander von Humboldt

FMB-050451Stein, Bruce; McDade, L.; Stevenson, Pablo   32361986-01-20
Colombia, Valle del Cauca, Cordillera Central, cerro Horqueta, San Antonio above Cali, 2050 - 2200m

Missouri Botanical Garden

564288Thomas B. Croat   614401986-07-12
Colombia, Valle del Cauca, Vicinity of Dapa, northwest of Calí, along continental divide; Elevation 2000 m; 3º33'N; 76º35'W., 3.55 -76.58, 2000m

552473Al Gentry, M. Monsalve, P.Silverstone,R.Restrepo,J.Giraldo   531851985-12-12
Colombia, Valle del Cauca, Finca Zingara Corregamiento La Dividera, crest of Cordillera Occidental W of Cali; 6 km N of Cali-Buenaventura Highway. (non-transect)., 3.53 -76.58, 1950m

556013Bruce A. Stein, L. McDade&P. Silverstone   32361986-01-20
Colombia, Valle del Cauca, Cordillera Central. Cerro Horqueta, San Antonio above Cali. c. 3º25'N, 76º35'W. Elev. 2050-2200 m. Dense wet cloud forest., 3.42 -76.58, 2050 - 2200m

Naturalis Biodiversity Center

U.1181844Alston AHG   1939-04-05
Colombia, paas above Queremal.

U.1181843Maas PJM; Escobar Manrique E   1972-01-05
Colombia, El Valle, Cordillera Central near palimira, andine forest near orisol.

New York Botanical Garden

Centropogon pedicellaris var. gallerensis Gleason Gleason
804186E. P. Killip   77011922-06-29
Colombia, Cauca, Cordillera Occidental. "La Gallera," Micay valley., 1400 - 1500m

Centropogon pedicellaris Gleason
804187F. W. Pennell   76191922-07-01
Colombia, Cauca, Cordillera Occidental. "San Jose," San Antonio., 2100 - 2500m

United States National Herbarium

1142400.215E. P. Killip   77011922-06-29
Colombia, Cauca, Micay Valley., 1400 - 1500m

1142380.213F. W. Pennell   76191922-07-01
Colombia, Cauca, San Antonia., 2100 - 2500m

Page 1, records 1-12 of 12

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