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Taxa: Gnaphalium badium
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Field Museum of Natural History

A. C. V. M. D. d'Orbigny   

Harvard University Herbaria

barcode-00008354A. D'Orbigny   1375
Bolivia, Serca de la lagunas de Potosi

Missouri Botanical Garden

565582Percy Núñez, Daniel Blanco y Leo Delgado V.   78471987-04-10
Peru, Cusco, Espinar, Yauri. 5 km de Yauri, desvio del camino Cusco y Tintaya, por carretera a la planicie., 2850m

597553Percy Núñez   76331987-03-28
Peru, Cusco, Espinar, Chisiccata, Yauri. Bosque húmedo-montano Cusco subtropical (bh-ms) subpáramo 100 km de al Sur; Superficie plana alto andina; Especies arbóreas importantes, Escallonia resinosa, E. myrtilloides, E. peridula, Polylepis sp, Buddleia sp., -15 -71.33, 4000m

1544900D'Orbigny   s.n.

565996James C. Solomon, Bruce Stein & M. Uehling   118141984-03-15
Bolivia, La Paz, Murillo, 2.7 km SW of pass at head of Valle del Zongo. North facing slopes with mostly bunch grasses, heavily grazed, some moist, turfy and boggy places., -16.3 -68.15, 4600m

589832James C. Solomon   97041983-03-05
Bolivia, La Paz, Murillo, 1.4 km N (below) dam at Lago Zongo. Moist puna with some low shrubs., -16.28 -68.13, 4650m

Page 1, records 1-7 of 7

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