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Taxa: Parathesis amplifolia
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Missouri Botanical Garden

1287020Al Gentry   67621972-12-21
Panama, Panamá, Panama, Cerro Jefe, 9.23 -79.38, 800 - 1000m

1413467M.D. Correa A. & R.L. Dressler   4721967-11-16
Panama, Panamá, Panama, Beyond Goofy lake along road to Cerro Jefe, 9.11 -79.31

1413468S. Mori, J.A. Kallunki & B.F. Hansen   4118a1974-12-27
Panama, Panamá, Chepo, El Llano-Cartí road, 10.8 km from Inter-American Hwy. Wet Forest, 9.27 -78.93, 335 - 365m

1745734Al Gentry & John D. Dwyer   55181972-07-21
Panama, Panamá, Panama, Near summit of Cerro Jefe, 9.23 -79.38, 900 - 1000m

1747778Al Gentry   61391972-09-22
Panama, Panamá, Panama, Cerro Jefe, 9.23 -79.38, 1000m

1951549Thomas M. Antonio   51941980-07-12
Panama, Chiriquí, Vicinity of Gualaca, ca. 7.8 mi from Planos de Hornito on the road to the La Fortuna dam site., 8.67 -82.22, 1341m

401117Greg de Nevers, Barry Hammel, Susan Charnely & Heraclio Herrera   54261985-04-21
Panama, San Blas, Cerro Brewster. Premontane rain forest. Assoc: Bonafousia sananho, 9.3 -79.27, 850m

Museo Nacional de Costa Rica

235992Gamboa Billen   6481996-09-17
Costa Rica, Puntarenas, Buenos Aires, Pueto Tres Colinas orilla de río Guineo bosque primario., 9.12 -83.07, 1700m

Page 1, records 1-8 of 8

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