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Herbario Nacional Colombiano

17296Hernándo García Barriga   108881943-10-02
Colombia, Cundinamarca, La Esperanza, cafetal delmhotel., 4.694344 -74.432596, 1240 - 1280m

220436H. Y. Bernal M.   5771981-05-05
Colombia, Antioquia, Bello, Granja Experimental Tulio Ospina -ICA-., 1550 - 1550m

545976SIN   902v2010-03-25
Colombia, Meta, Vereda Río Negro, código predio: MV83, Finca San Gabriel., 4.1296667 -72.9951389, 182 - 182m

39763G. Gutiérrez V.   4111943-10-20
Colombia, Cundinamarca, "La Esperanza"; Granja Cafetera "Enrique Soto" y sus alrededores., 4.697306 -74.430193, 1280 - 1280m

Missouri Botanical Garden

1327507Arthur S. Weston, D.F. Weston & J. Weston   49361967-03-06
Costa Rica, Cartago, Turrialba, Tropical Moist Forest Life Zone, pastures and roadsides, near pond, Instituto Interamericana de Ciencias y Agrícolas, Turrialba, 9.89 -83.65

Museo Nacional de Costa Rica

37689Quirós Manuel   1949-01-12
Costa Rica, San José, Montes De Oca

New York Botanical Garden

Crotalaria brevidens Benth. Benth.
590776G. Eiten   23621960-09-21
Brazil, São Paulo, Moji-Guaçu, Campos das Sete Lagoas. Fazenda Campininha, just North of Rio moji-Guaçu. 3.5km NNW of Padua Sales, 600 - 600m

Page 1, records 1-7 of 7

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