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Taxa: Bouvardia longiflora
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Arizona State University Vascular Plant Herbarium

ASU0042623Rachel Alessa Werling   2291998-09-09
Mexico, Oaxaca, Mountains 2 km WSW of Rojas de Cuauhtémoc, District of Tlacolula., 17.00556 -96.62222, 1750m

ASU0042624Rachel Alessa Werling   3581999-05-18
Mexico, Oaxaca, Mountains 2 km WSW of Rojas de Cuauhtémoc, District of Tlacolula., 17.00556 -96.62222, 1680m

Field Museum of Natural History

M. Sessé & J. M. Mociño   568

F. A. Villanueva O.   1966-04-24
Mexico, México

R. Hernández M.   7871970-10-21
Mexico, Veracruz

Missouri Botanical Garden

1416230Louis O. Williams   143341948-06-09
Guatemala, Quetzaltenango

3425781M. Véliz   MV 99.70621999-05-18
Guatemala, Chiquimula, Olopa, Las Palmas, Olopa, 14.7 -89.35, 1400m

3453198Claudio Mendez   837 (AND)1989-04-22
Guatemala, Guatemala, Guatemala, Jardín Botánico, tablón 44, USAC, 14.59 -90.55, 1550m

Museo Nacional de Costa Rica

93276E. Duarte   7121982-07-16
Guatemala, Guatemala, Estado de Guatemala 4 kms sobre el camino que va de la aldea Pueblo hacia Villa Canales a la altura de bifurcación que conduce a casas particulares.

Naturalis Biodiversity Center

AMD.116789Harriman NA   1979-05-27
Guatemala, Departamento De Quezaltenango. Around a waterfall along route 95, just upslope from a toll booth for a tunnel, between Zunil and San Sebastian, between kilometers 208 and 209.

Universidad del Valle de Guatemala - Herbario UVAL

UVAL21866Javier Ajú   2018-04-22
Guatemala, Guatemala, Guatemala, Parque Jungla Urbana zona 15, Guatemala, 14.599277 -90.497469, 1500m

Page 1, records 1-11 of 11

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