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Taxa: Pilea submissa
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Field Museum of Natural History

G. Klug   31861933-08-00
Peru, Loreto

Missouri Botanical Garden

717032Al Gentry & James Miller   1986-07-21
Ecuador, Napo, Road to Bermejo oil field, 35 km N of "Km 46" of Lago Agrio-Quito road, ridge top, 10 km W of Lumbaque, -0.17 -77.33, 950m

718930Bruce A. Stein & A. Suarez   1985-06-10
Ecuador, Napo, 9 km below Puerto Misahuall, -1.67 -77.6, 400m

1063783Efra   1996-02-14
Ecuador, Napo, Loreto. Faldas del volc, -0.63 -77.45, 750m

Ecuador, Napo, Archidona, Archidona

1370612Milton Tirado   1996-10-27
Ecuador, Napo, Orellana, Zona de amortiguamiento del Parque Nacional Sumaco. L, -0.35 -77.32, 300m

716246R. Vásquez, D. Smith & N. Jaramillo   30971982-03-25
Peru, Loreto, Alto Amazonas, Capahuari Sur (Campamento Petrolero). Bosque primario., -2.85 -76.33, 200m

717217W.H. Lewis,M. Elvin-Lewis, José Campos & Daniel Fast   122551986-11-21
Peru, Loreto, Puranchim, Río Sinchiyacu. Low secondary and primary rainforests, terra firma., -2.83 -76.92, 200m

717422Thomas B. Croat   562931983-04-22
Colombia, Chocó, Along the road from Quibdo to Medellin, at Km 179.1, 20 km E of Tutunendo; 5 44'N, 76 28'W; elev. 440 m. Along steep sided stream., 5.73 -76.47, 440m

Page 1, records 1-9 of 9

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