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Taxa: Polybotrya appressa
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Field Museum of Natural History

V0075778FR. C. Moran   35861984-01-24
Ecuador, Napo, 34 km al sur de Baeza, 2100m

C0648330FA. H. Gentry   614981988-02-11
Peru, Cajamarca

Harvard University Herbaria

barcode-00021782R. C. Moran   35851984-01-24
Ecuador, Camino entre Baeza y Tena, 34 km al sur de Baeza, alt. 2100 m

Missouri Botanical Garden

35288   1980-08-09
Ecuador, Napo, Cerro Huacamayos, on road Baeza - Tena, c. 34 km from Baeza. Steep slope, ridge, ravine and road bank in montane rain forest., -0.68 -77.83, 2000m

35297   1988-06-02
Ecuador, Zamora-Chinchipe, Immediately N of Zamora, -4.07 -78.95, 1000 - 1200m

1576252Robbin C. Moran   1984-01-24
Ecuador, Napo, PCIA. Camino entre Baeza y Tena, 34 km al sur de Baeza. Bosque., 2100m

7481A. Gentry, Camilo Díaz & Carol Blaney   614981988-02-11
Peru, Cajamarca, Cutervo, Lower edge of Cutervo National Park, 10-15 km N of San Andres de Cutervo. Montane cloud forest. TRANSECT 1, -6.17 -78.67, 2200 - 2250m

New York Botanical Garden

Polybotrya appressa R.C.Moran R.C.Moran
149476R. C. Moran   35861984-01-24
Ecuador, Napo, Camino entre Baeza y Tena, 34 km. al sur de Baeza, 2100 - 2100m

United States National Herbarium

3080189.214R. C. Moran   35861984-01-24
Ecuador, Napo, Baeza - Tena road, 34 km S of Baeza., 2100 - 2100m

Page 1, records 1-9 of 9

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