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Taxa: Passiflora smilacifolia
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Herbario Nacional Colombiano

557907Schwerdtfeger   s.n.1997-01-01
Ecuador, Napo, Tena, estación biológica Jatun Sacha.

Herbario Universidad de Antioquia, Colombia

12836Alberto C. | Hernández J.   3311981-05-02
Colombia, Antioquia, San Luis, Río Claro, hacienda La Cabaña, 5.9391425 -74.8480532, 400 - 400m

66480Daly D. | Betancur J.   59081989-05-08
Colombia, Antioquia, San Luis, Piedra El Castellón, 3 - 4 hours on foot S of town, 6.0166667 -75.0166667, 1500 - 1700m

Missouri Botanical Garden

279516J++rgensen & L+ªgaard   1984-12-02
Ecuador, Pastaza, Pastaza, 950 - 950m

279728Carlos E. Cer   1987-06-23
Ecuador, Napo, Estaci, -1.07 -77.6, 450m

1131756A. Gentry   1974-11-04
Ecuador, Napo, 17 km W of Lumbaque (70 km W of Lago Agrio), premontane wet forest, patch of forest beside road being clear cut., 0.01 -77.45, 1130m

1131758Knapp & Mallet   1984-01-25
Ecuador, Napo, 50 km NE of Baeza, at bridge over R, -0.17 -77.67, 1400m

Page 1, records 1-7 of 7

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