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Taxa: Verbesina eggersii
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Field Museum of Natural History

H. F. A. von Eggers   149411893-07-19

I. M. Sánchez Vega   40331986-05-10
Peru, Cajamarca, Contumazá, al SO de la localidad de Magdalena, en el lugar llamado El Guayabo, 1400m

Missouri Botanical Garden

578749Harling & Andersson   1980-04-21
Ecuador, Loja, 1900m

589554L.B. Holm-Nielsen   1980-04-05
Ecuador, Loja, Road Loja - Zaruma above Guayquichuma. Steep slopes with dry deciduous forest., -3.82 -79.57, 1300m

593748Galo Tipaz, J. Zuleta & A. Chamaid   1992-05-07
Ecuador, Guayas, Guayaquil, Cerro Azul. Carretera a Salinas, Km 13. Bosque seco Tropical. Bosque primario. Suelo formado de roca caliza., -2.17 -78.83, 100m

597436Al Gentry & C. Dodson   1986-07-15
Ecuador, Guayas, Capeira, 22 km N of Guayaquil. disturbed dry forest., -2 -79.97, 20 - 150m

1127090C.H. Dodson & P.M. Dodson   1981-09-16
Ecuador, Capeira. Km 21 on the Guayaquil to Daule road. Tropical Dry Forest., -2.17 -79.9

United States National Herbarium

1068059.214H. F. A. Eggers   149411893-07-19
Ecuador, Manabí, Hacienda El Recreo.

Page 1, records 1-8 of 8

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