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Taxa: Rhipsalis floccosa subsp. pulvinigera (Rhipsalis pulvinigera)
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Field Museum of Natural History

L. B. Smith & R. Reitz   124231964-10-12
Brazil, Santa Catarina, -27 -50

Harvard University Herbaria

barcode-01677939A. Castellanos   230791960-12-09
Brazil, Rio de Janeiro, Teresópolis, Parque Nacional da Serra dos Orgãos, entre Abrigos 2 e 3

barcode-01677940P. K. H. Dusén   67671908-09-19
Brazil, Paraná, Serra do Mar, Desvio Ypiranga, in silva primaeva ad truncos arborum

Naturalis Biodiversity Center

WAG.1496969Kummrow R; Silva JM; Ribas OS   1988-11-04
Brazil, Rod. BR-376, km 37 (mun. Tijucas do Sul) Paraná.

U 0249087Ritter F   1964-01-01
Brazil, Rio Grande do Sul, Berlin near Corvo, Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil.

L.2476874Dusén PKH   1908-09-19
Brazil, Plantae Brasilienses. Parana: Serra do Mar, Desvio Ypiranga, in silva primarva ad Crumcos arbarum.

United States National Herbarium

2860053.2435001O. Handro   22841977-08-02
Brazil, São Paulo

3241921.2589849R. Wasum   87871992-10-28
Brazil, São Paulo, 1650 - 1650m

3301587.245W. W. Thomas, A. Amorim & S. Sant' Ana   88941992-01-22
Brazil, Sergipe

2321414.25R. Reitz & R. M. Klein   52371957-10-18
Brazil, Santa Catarina, 1400 - 1400m

Page 1, records 1-10 of 10

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