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Taxa: Gynoxys calyculisolvens
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Field Museum of Natural History

C. von Jelski   7801879-06-00

Missouri Botanical Garden

587127   1976-09-16
Ecuador, Morona-Santiago, Muletrack Sevilla de Oro - M, -2.78 -78.57, 3000 - 3250m

587136   1976-09-22
Ecuador, Loja, Muletrack Amaluza - Palanda, western slope, near the pass (W of Laguna Chuquiragua). Grass p, -4.58 -79.33, 3100 - 3400m

913908P.M. J   1994-12-06
Ecuador, Loja, Fierro Urco. Saraguro-Loja, Km 12.4 turnoff to the West, towards Fierro Urco, Km 25.2. Montane forest remnants and surrounding p, -3.72 -79.33, 3420m

1831069Diana Fern   2000-06-29
Ecuador, Pichincha, Quito, Volc, -0.37 -78.58, 3100m

578304D. N. Smith & Rodolfo Vasquez M.   35481983-02-19
Peru, Cajamarca, Chota, Chota-Tacabamba raod, 14 km from Chota. Dwarf forest., -6.47 -78.63, 2800m

588599D. N. Smith   76971984-07-12
Peru, Pasco, Oxapampa, Trail to summit of Cordillera Yanachaga via Río San Daniel. High montane dwarf forest - meadow mosaic., -10.38 -75.45, 3150 - 3300m

Naturalis Biodiversity Center

U.1127369Ollgaard B; Balselv H   1976-09-22
Ecuador, Prov. Loja, Muletrack Amaluza-Palanda, western Slope, near the pass, (W of Laguna Chuiragua)., -4.583333 -79.333333

Page 1, records 1-8 of 8

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