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Taxa: Aristolochia xerophytica
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Field Museum of Natural History

E. Alayo   651990-05-20
Peru, La Libertad, Pataz, Quebrada El Oso-Pias, 1800m

P. C. Hutchison   14121957-09-27
Peru, Cajamarca, Jaen, valley of the Río Chamaya, between Pucara and Jaén, ca. km 140 east of Olmos, 875m

T. C. Plowman & et al.   142251986-07-11
Peru, Cajamarca, Jaen, road from Olmos to PUcara, km 94 east of Olmos, along Río Huancabamba, 970m

M. Weigend & et al.   98/4611998-06-07
Peru, Cajamarca, Jaen, road Jaén to San Ignacio, 45 km from Jaén, 650m

Missouri Botanical Garden

730062Irene Shonle   181993-06-19
Peru, Cajamarca, Fundo Los Arrascue, 6 km west of Pucará, Cerro Conga, 1 1/2 hour southeast walk up from hydroelectric plant. Dry thorn scrub. Collected with Dennis Milanowski, Jason Rauscher, and Abdias Vasquez., -6 -79.17, 1530m

United States National Herbarium

1953576.21E. Evinger   5401943-08-03
Peru, Cajamarca, Jaén, near Junta on Huancabamba River

2105024.101E. Evinger   5401943-08-03
Peru, Cajamarca, Jaen, Near Junta on Huancabamba River.

2453083.108F. Woytkowski   56591960-04-11
Peru, Cajamarca, Pucará, 900m

2404086.108P. C. Hutchison   14121957-09-17
Peru, Cajamarca, Valley of the Rio Chamaya, between Pucará and Jaen, ca. km 140 east of Olmos. Mesones-Muro Highway between Olmos and Río Marañon, Province Jaen., 875m

Page 1, records 1-9 of 9

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