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Taxa: Gunnera herteri
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Field Museum of Natural History

V0060647FW. G. F. Herter   15231931-11-00
Uruguay, Rocha, Fortaleza Santa Teresa

Harvard University Herbaria

barcode-00063252W. G. F. Herter   15231931-11-00
Uruguay, Rocha, Sta. Teresa, camp. aren, 10 m

Naturalis Biodiversity Center

U.1340197Herter WGF   1931-11-01
Uruguay, Rocha

U.1340196Herter WGF   1932-10-01
Uruguay, Rocha

L.3878830Herter WG   1932-10-01
Uruguay, Plantae Uruguayenses. Bañado Maravillao. Osten.

AMD.76071Herter WG   1931-11-01
Uruguay, Dep de Rocha, Sta Teresa.

New York Botanical Garden

Gunnera herteri Osten Osten
236584W. G. F. Herter   15231931-11-00
Uruguay, Rocha, Sta. Teresa., 10 - 10m

United States National Herbarium

2104785.2072201Collector unknown   C7861944-10-19
Brazil, Santa Catarina, Sombrio

Page 1, records 1-8 of 8

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