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Taxa: Clavija sanctae-martae
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Field Museum of Natural History

V0073881FHerb. H. Smith   861

Harvard University Herbaria

barcode-00073648Herbert H. Smith   8611898-01-07
Colombia, Santa Marta, Agua Dulce Road, forest, ca. 1000 feet

barcode-00073649Herbert H. Smith   8611898-01-07
Colombia, Santa Marta, Agua Dulce Road, forest, ca. 1000 feet

Herbario Nacional Colombiano

181993T. C. Plowman   3725
Colombia, Magdalena, Parque Ttayrona Canaveral.Alt.150-200ft., 57 - 76m

200192G. Lozano C   2961
Colombia, Magdalena, Santa Marta, Parque Nacional Natural Tayrona. Ensenada de Neguanje., 11.33 -74.09

80040Rafael Romero-Castañeda   8055
Colombia, Magdalena, Santa Marta, Entre Playa Brava y Pueblito., 10 - 10m

80719Rafael Romero-Castañeda   7536
Colombia, La Guajira, Manaure, Magdalena., 1400 - 1700m

New York Botanical Garden

Clavija sanctae-martae B.Ståhl
329377H. H. Smith   8611898-01-00
Colombia, Magdalena, Santa Marta: from forest on the Agua Duce road, 152 - 914m

Clavija sanctae-martae B.Ståhl
329380H. H. Smith   8611898-00-00
Colombia, Magdalena, Santa Marta

United States National Herbarium

533237.2102Herbert H. Smith   8611898-01-00
Colombia, Magdalena, Forest on Agua Dulce road, Santamarta.

Page 1, records 1-10 of 10

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