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Taxa: Apinagia flexuosa (Ligea flexuosa)
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Field Museum of Natural History

V0044438FF. R. Leprieur   

Harvard University Herbaria

Apinagia flexuosa (Tulasne) P. Royen
barcode-00368448Albert C. Smith   21401937-09-28
Guyana, Basin of Essequibo River; Twasinki Falls

Missouri Botanical Garden

Apinagia flexuosa (Tul.) P. Royen
3097349B. Hoffman   3581991-10-23
Guyana, Upper Takutu-Upper Essequibo, U. Takutu-U. Essequibo Region. SE Kanuku Mts, ca. 8.5 km ENE of Makawata Mtn, creek islands and along Crabwood Cr., 3.1266667 -57.2863889, 200 - 212m

Apinagia flexuosa (Tul.) P. Royen
3581917R. Schnell   119541961-09-08
French Guiana, Région de Rivière Grand Ouaqui près de Saut Macaque.

Apinagia flexuosa (Tul.) P. Royen
100731930H. García-Barriga   170121959-01-00
Colombia, Llanos Orientales. La Macarena (Parte Sur); Río Guayabero. Del Refugio a la Angostura., 235m

New York Botanical Garden

Apinagia flexuosa (Tul.) P.Royen (Tul.) P.Royen
02694092J. A. Steyermark   956391966-04-24
Venezuela, Bolívar, Río Caura, abajo de la desembocadura con el Río Nichare. Raudal de la Raya, 6.75 -64.875, 150m

United States National Herbarium

Apinagia flexuosa (Tul.) P. Royen
2617588.247J. Donselaar   37281966-09-09
Suriname, Brokopondo, Mamadam (rapid in suriname river). afterwards lake

2144994.216F. Leprieur   s.n.
French Guiana

Page 1, records 1-8 of 8

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