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Taxa: Parkinsonia
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United States National Herbarium

2839336.257G. G. Hatschbach   395111977-01-14
Brazil, Bahia, Barra, Rod. br-242; rio sao francisco

3172692.246G. G. Hatschbach, M. M. Hatschbach & V. Nicolack   533551989-09-15
Brazil, Bahia, Brumado, rod. p/ livramento do brumado

2843631.246T. S. Santos   31101976-05-08
Brazil, Bahia, Km 40 da rod br 242 para taberaba

2859303.246R. M. Harley, S. Mayo, R. Storr, T. S. Santos & R. S. Pinheiro   190951977-02-26
Brazil, Bahia, Lagoa itaparica 10 km w of the sao inacio-xique xique road at the turning 13.1 km n of sao inacio, -11.0167 -42.7667, 300 - 400m

Universidad del Valle de Guatemala - Herbario UVAL

UVAL004051A. Kepfer   1994-09-05
Guatemala, Guatemala, z. 13, 14.5863887 -90.5327775

Universidad Nacional Federico Villarreal, Herbario UFV, Perú

4053Leiva Costa   
Perú, Lima, Lima, Paramonga, 36m

Page 7, records 601-606 of 606

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