Dataset: US-Botany
Taxa: Pterandra
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United States National Herbarium

Pterandra ultramontana L. Riley ex Cuatrec.
2876159.2139029C. Collenette   7071924-11-20
Colombia, Nariño, Gorgona Island.

Pterandra evansii Cuatrec.
1997115.212R. E. Schultes & F. López   103321948-08-00
Brazil, Amazonas, Rio Marmellos (headwaters).

2026469.209B. Maguire & L. Politi   281041948-12-25
Venezuela, Amazonas, Cerro Sipapo (Paraque), along open banks of lower Cano Negro., 5.060508333 -67.44454167, 1500 - 1500m

USw24753.2757472B. Maguire   28104
Venezuela, Mérida

1516531.213A. Ducke   236491929-00-00
Brazil, Amazonas, Manaos, silva Non Inumdabile regione Cataractorum Fluminis Taruma.

Pterandra guianensis W.R. Anderson
2969403.21S. S. Tillett, C. L. Tillett & R. Boyan   450111960-08-03
Guyana, Upper Mazaruni River Basin, Mt. Ayanganna, below talus of cliffs along NE side., 5.405372222 -59.93338836, 762 - 762m

Pterandra sericea W.R. Anderson
3027583.214B. Maguire   327151951-12-09
Guyana, Upper Mazaruni River, small island across river from Isla Casabe., 175 - 175m

Pterandra isthmica Cuatrec. & Croat
3130347.216S. A. Mori & J. A. Kallunki   50071975-03-08
Panama, Panama, NEof town of Cerro Azul, 20 km by road from Inter-American Highway, Premontane rain forest.

Pterandra colombiana C.E. Anderson
3351584.208R. Callejas, J. C. Betancur & F. J. Roldán   46561987-07-13
Colombia, Antioquia, Zaragoza Mun., Corregimiento Saltillo en La Vio Zaragoza-Segovia, 3.7-16 km S of Zaragoza., 7.4333 -74.8333, 150 - 200m

Page 1, records 1-9 of 9

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