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Taxa: Potamogeton
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United States National Herbarium

Potamogeton lucens subsp. brasiliensis A.W. Benn. in Engl.
937106.2096985G. Gardner   2756
Brazil, Piauí

2781916.215H. H. Iltis, C. M. Iltis, D. Ugent & V. Ugent   14411963-01-12
Peru, Puno, Lampa, On San Roman border, at road & railroad crossing of stream draining Lago Jaracocha, ca. 9 km SW of Santa Lucia., 4000 - 4000m

Potamogeton sclerocarpus K. Schum. in Mart.
273515.215L. Riedel   5331824-09-00
Brazil, Minas Gerais

Potamogeton stenostachys K. Schum. in Mart.
273516.2097L. Riedel   8341832-00-00
Brazil, Rio de Janeiro, Lagoa de Paulista between Macahi and Campos.

Potamogeton fragillimus Hagstrom
207276.2137E. T. Heyde & E. Lux   J.D.S. 40751892-00-00
Guatemala, Jalapa, Laguna de Ayarza., 2438 - 2438m

10362475P. M. Peterson & D. Gopaul   74241989-06-11
Guyana, East Demerara District, along immediate coast, 17 miles east of Georgetown., 6.67 -57.83

3449594.102B. G. Stergios, L. J. Dorr & K. J. Wurdack   204222003-09-15
Venezuela, Trujillo, Boconó, Laguna Larga, vía Laguna Las Parias, to Laguna Eco, Páramo de Motumbo, Monumento Natural Teta de Niquitao - Guirigay., 3400 - 3600m

Potamogeton macrophylloides Hagstrom
1280853.209P. K. Dusén   1355871912-01-01
Brazil, Paraná, Rio Cubatao.

Potamogeton aschersonii f. pusilloides Hagstrom
1280854.208P. K. Dusén   137031912-01-01
Brazil, Paraná, Rio Culeatoo.

3276780.103P. M. Peterson, R. Soreng & S. Laegaard   130591992-03-22
Bolivia, Potosi, Sud Lipez, 35 mi SW of Quentena Chico on road towards Laguna Verde., 4400m

3276779.103P. M. Peterson, R. Soreng & S. Laegaard   130451993-03-21
Bolivia, Potosi, Sud Lipez, 23 mi SW of San Antonio de Lipez (Viejo) on road towards Quetena Chico., 4600m

3276776.104P. M. Peterson, R. Soreng & S. Laegaard   129991993-03-18
Bolivia, Potosi, Nor Lipez, 37 mi S of San Vicente and 20 mi N of San Pablo de Lipez., 4350m

3276778.104P. M. Peterson, R. Soreng & S. Laegaard   130121993-03-19
Bolivia, Potosi, Sud Lipez, 14 mi W of San Pablo de Lipez on road towards San Antonio de Lipez., 4000m

Page 1, records 1-13 of 13

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